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12 Jul , 2021  

From its base in Macroom, County Cork, Brendan Murphy Construction Ltd. provides a comprehensive range of high-quality constructions solutions – from new builds, extensions and refurbs to carpentry fit outs, roofing and second fittings. We contacted Brendan to find out more about his industry-leading company, which has a proven track record for delivering a variety of projects to the highest quality on time and within budget.

Built on solid cornerstones of experience, professionalism, service and the keenest attention to detail, Brendan Murphy Construction is a reputable, flexible and client-focussed construction company boasting an extensive portfolio of top-class projects in the Greater Cork region.

All projects are finished to the highest standards and Brendan and his team leave no stone unturned in guaranteeing absolute client satisfaction each and every time. Residential and commercial projects are invariably delivered on time and within budget to not only meet but exceed client expectations.

A hands-on director who comes from a strong carpentry background, Brendan believes that good working relationships represent a prerequisite for the successful completion of any project. To this end, he makes sure to keep all parties in the loop throughout the various phases of each project, be it a residential new build or refurbishment, a commercial extension or upgrades, fit outs, remodels or repairs.

The amiable Cork man established Brendan Murphy Construction in 2016, having been involved in the building trade for 14 years prior to that. “I’m in construction since I was 17,” he reveals, reflecting on the genesis of the business. “I did carpentry and roofing at the start and I really like the 2nd fixings. I got into the concrete work as well and grew it from there.

“I suppose it all goes back to when I built my own house in 2005, when I was only 19 years old. That gave me confidence and I got into all elements of the trade, from carpentry to slating, digger work, foundations, etc. Our work is very tidy and clean and that is something we really pride ourselves on.”

Specialising in refurbs, extensions and renovations around Cork city and suburbs as well as new builds in the south west of the Rebel County, Brendan Murphy Construction is equally adept at carrying out commercial construction projects of any scope or scale, their magnificent work on the Whiddy Island Schoolhouse Accommodation being a case in point.

This iconic 133-year-old building, which was in major disrepair, has been granted a new lease of life, transformed into a multi-use hostel capable of providing accommodation for up to 34 people. It was due to throw open its doors to the public in June but that date has been pushed back due to the effects of the ongoing restrictions on the hospitality sector.

“That was a breakthrough project for us and is the biggest job we’ve taken on so far,” Brendan notes. “There were two phases. The first was renovating the old school building to bring it back to its original state and the second phase was putting in the 32-bed hostel, which we did from start to finish. It was a difficult project because obviously it’s on an island but we took the plunge on it and never looked back. It was a huge undertaking but it worked out really well. It’s a nice job and I’m proud to be associated with that one.”

At the time of writing, Brendan was engaged on a bespoke one-off residential new build at Inniscarra as well as a number of renovations. There’s a nice volume of work in the pipeline, although the Covid-19 lockdowns have led to a large degree of uncertainty, with some prospective clients placed in a precarious financial position…

“We have four more new builds hopefully coming on stream soon, although these are going to be mortgage-dependant,” he continues. “These are very strange times but we are kept busy. We have a nice bit of work on. We have three men on the books full time and I then use reliable subbies on top of that. I work on site myself and like to fall in and get involved.”

Since taking the leap from carpentry contracting to offer full construction services, Brendan Murphy Construction has developed a stellar reputation for outstanding workmanship. Versatility is at the heart of the business. “We can take on anything from hanging a door to a new commercial building,” Brendan says. “The new builds aren’t easy to get here in Cork as there are a lot of contractors locally and it’s difficult to get your name out. For a long time, people thought we only did carpentry work but we’re slowly building up our reputation. When you work to a high standard, then your reputation will spread through word of mouth.

“Renovations are a big part of our work. We always try to get in and out of renovations as quickly as we can because in a lot of cases there are people living in the house and you want to get out of their way. While you are there, you work around them and accommodate them as best you can. Obviously, if it’s a big job they would have to move out temporarily, but where the family are staying in the house, we work with them and try to keep all the services running as best as we can.”

Brendan admits he’s a bit of a stickler when it comes to detail and finish: “The main thing is to get a finish that keeps the customer happy. I’m fairly fussy and I’d insist on a clean, tidy work environment. We always have a skip on site and we keep all of the rubble out of the house. The site is always neat and tidy and if the customer happens to walk in they won’t get any nasty surprises. We tidy as we go and that has become second nature to us. It stems back to when I took on some very awkward jobs with tight rooms and you just had to keep it tidy – I just kept that rule up.”

Fully-accredited and –certified and with all the latest Health & Safety procedures and Covid protocols strictly adhered to, Brendan also owns all his own plant and machinery, which helps keep overheads down and can impact positively on a customer’s bottom line. Like the rest of us, the Cork contractor is hoping and praying that the coronavirus crisis eases in 2021:

“Hopefully next year we’ll be able to kick on. While I wouldn’t say 2020 was a write-off by any means, as we were very busy, we did lose houses over Covid as people didn’t get their mortgages. I’d be hoping that uncertainty is gone next year and that people can get back more security around their jobs and careers.”

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, April, Vol 7 No 4