The CIF and its constituent association the IHBA welcomes publication of ‘Housing for All’

2 Sep , 2021  

Tom Parlon, CIF Director General said: “Implementation of the plan will provide opportunities for home builders and contractors in the greater delivery of residential output. Expected infrastructure investment in the forthcoming National Development Plan review will be critical in optimising ‘Housing for All’.’’

The Irish Home Builders Association (IHBA) has today welcomed the publication by Government of its Housing for All plan.

In particular, the IHBA welcomes the inclusion of positive targeted measures in the Government’s plan which will enable supply and support for those prospective homeowners who are finding themselves currently ‘locked out’ of the market.

Speaking after the announcement James Benson Director IHBA, said, “We welcome this plan from Government today which we hope goes some way towards meeting the challenges we currently face in terms of supply and affordability. The numbers contained within the plan are ambitious with 33,000 homes set to be delivered per annum up to 2030. Our members will be working hard to supply these much-needed homes however it is important that issues such as planning and infrastructure, which are impeding delivery, are also tackled.

“A priority for the IHBA is to deliver much-needed homes for those who are locked out of the market, particularly first-time buyers. We welcome strongly the inclusion of the ‘First Home Scheme’ which will bridge the gap for many first-time buyers who have been keen to buy their first homes but who have been locked out of the market for the last number of years.

“The cost rental aspect of the plan will supplement the affordable home target of 4,000 homes per year with a further expected 2,000 cost rental homes per year delivered when fully operational. Rental supply addresses an important need within the housing market, and we must deliver these units for those who need them.

“We will be seeking clarity on the Land tax uplift. If 50% of the uplift in the value of land is rezoned for housing paid to the state, then this should be ringfenced for the provision of critical infrastructure on the development where the tax has been taken. This should be done during the lifetime of the development plan.

“Similarly, we look forward to further detail and consultation on the Judicial Review process which is continuing to cause significant problems for home builders. We estimate almost 80,000 potential homes are currently tied up in judicial review or referrals to Europe presently. We need immediate reforms within the judicial review process to ensure certainty for home builders and home buyers.”