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7 Jul , 2022  

Established in February 2014 by Tom Varley, Connaught Ventilation & Supplies Ltd is the leading ventilation and ductwork supply specialist in the West of Ireland.

When it comes to supplying ventilation and ductwork products and fittings,Connaught Ventilation & Supplies is the name you can trust. Quality, reliability, value-for-money and a friendly and unrivalled service are assured when you deal with Tom and his team. Operating from a 16,000 sq. ft. facility in Ballybane Industrial Estate, Galway, the company invested in an environmentally-friendly tube forming machine four years ago and prides itself on its short turnaround time as well as being the sole importer of gaskets and fittings into Ireland.

Connaught Ventilation & Supplies’ system solutions are aimed at installers and other buyers within the ventilation industry. Its products include circular duct systems, accessories along with domestic heat recovery systems and spiral duct fans.

“We’re growing at a steady pace. I run the business along with my wife Sandra and three staff. We have three vans which provide a same-day delivery service to most parts of Ireland. Originally, we catered for Galway and surrounding counties, but we’re nationwide at this stage,” Tom says.

“We have great customers across the country. We have a lot of air conditioning and refrigeration clients. The vast majority of our clients are from the trade. Repeat business is key.

“We offer engineering, heating, ventilating and air conditioning services and are also a commercial and industrial equipment supplier.”

Tom’s business has gone from strength to strength since he took delivery of his tube-former in 2018. Imported from Germany, the duct machine has a natural lubrication oil which is not chemically modified with additives. It also needs less lubrication liquid, making the process more economical. Furthermore, Connaught Ventilation Supplies has an almost dry tube-forming process which means there is no cleaning afterwards. The tube former is safe and offers protection against corrosion, and also fulfils the new chemical directive REACH.

The machine can manufacture spiral duct from 150mm up to 6m lengths and from 100 to 1,250 diameter. Connaught Ventilation Supplies’ tubes match with the standards of all DW144, DIN 24145, SMACNA, AFNOR, BS or EUROVENT regarding accuracy, air tightness and admissible pressures.

“The duct machine has been a game-changer for us. It has an ecological lubrication system on it and is run on 100% rapeseed oil. We’re proud to be the only environmentally-friendly spiral duct manufacturer in Ireland and would like to think it gives us an edge over our competitors,” continues Tom, who is a sheet metal fabricator by trade.

“We manufacture our own uniquely produced spiral duct to DW144 and other standards on request. The duct machine allows for a shorter turnaround time on orders. As a result, we’re able to offer a same-day delivery service which you just don’t get anywhere else.  That’s the beauty of being a small and flexible company.”

Connaught Ventilation Supplies stocks a full range of fittings and gaskets which are mostly imported from Poland. This is in addition to supplying standard and insulated flexible duct and PVC duct and fittings. Having a comprehensive stock means there are no on-site delays.

The company remained fully operational during the pandemic lockdowns as an essential service.

“We were able to stay open as a supplier of ventilation and ductwork systems to hospitals. While we’re glad to be on the right side of COVID, there are other challenges on the horizon. Material and fuel costs are shooting up, while the war in Ukraine will also affect us.”

Connaught Ventilation Supplies’ opening hours are 8am to 4.30pm Monday-Friday. As the business continues to grow, Tom would like to take this opportunity to thank his customers and suppliers for their continued support as well as his staff for their dedication, hard work and expertise.

Connaught Ventilation Supplies Ltd

Ballybane Industrial Estate,


Telephone: 091 380 824

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Web: www.cvsvent.com

This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, June 2022, Vol 8 No 6