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27 Apr , 2021  

Established in 2008, RD Plumbing in Kilkenny has remained at the very forefront of the plumbing industry and are continually investing in new plumbing, heating and hot water services and solutions. Building Ireland touched base with the company’s Managing Director David Kearney recently to learn more.

Business is good right now at RD Plumbing and co-founder David Kearney intends to keep things that way right through to 2021. 

Based in the small village of Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny, the family-run concern provides both commercial and domestic clients with the very best in professional plumbing repairs, serving and maintenance along with the best in hot water and heating system upgrades and installations.

The company employs 12 full-time staff and David’s wife Maria also acts as a director of a business which is one of the highest regarded plumbing and heating companies operating in Ireland today.

Building Ireland got all the details recently from David himself after the Kilkenny native was good enough to take some time to fill us in.

“We’re established 12 years this August and right now we have 12 full-time staff and that number can go up to 30 depending on how busy we are,” David outlined.

“We built this company in the height of the last recession and it just started off with two of us. As time went by, we got a good reputation for being able to identify an issue and resolve it for our customers.

“So, we started off as a maintenance company and, as it got progressively bigger, we got a big recruitment. My brother Declan got involved and he now heads up the domestic side of the business.”

The domestic end sees RD Plumbing providing property owners with a complete gas boiler servicing.

The company’s gas boiler engineers are available to come to your property and perform a full gas boiler service and gas boiler safety check.

Poorly maintained or neglected gas boilers pose a serious risk to the property’s occupants. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal.

RD Plumbing’s gas boiler engineers perform a full inspection of a gas boiler checking for leaks and weak points.

The service procedures include the repair of any compromised areas, ensuring that a gas boiler is running safely, efficiently and to the manufacturer’s specifications.

As for the commercial side, RD Plumbing provides clients all over Kilkenny with professional oil boiler servicing.

The professional team in Castlecomer have the resources to quickly respond to issues related to oil boilers. They have the resources, manpower and expertise to quickly repair issues related to boiler part replacement, broken boilers and inefficient oil boilers.

Commercial gas is also a key service that RD Plumbing provides its customers.

In partnership with Calor Gas seven years now, the company is legally authorised to install, repair and maintain non-domestic gas appliances in commercial and industrial premises.

The team of gas engineers at RD Plumbing are authorised to provide gas certificates to commercial and industrial properties. All non-domestic properties that use gas are legally obligated to possess an RGI recognised Gas Certificate.

From January 2019 all non-domestic gas installations and appliances must be maintained by a non-Domestic RGI Registered Gas Installer.

RD Plumbing are available to immediately offer services and repairs to non-domestic gas installations and appliances in accordance with the legally enforceable RGII standards.

Every business – with non-domestic gas installations and gas appliances – is subject to the stringent safety standards set by the RGII.

RD Plumbing’s team of professional Gas Engineers ensure that non-domestic gas installations and appliances are installed, maintained and serviced in accordance with the standards set by the RGII.

With such a range of services on offer for clients, it’s not hard to understand how the business is flourishing at the present time.

“I can actually say that we’re in a strong position at the moment,” said David.

“Business is good and combine that with the fact that our office is pretty much run off the ground – and we opened or showroom here five years ago – and I’d like to think that we’re in a good position at the moment.”

He continued: “Thermal Dynamics probably accounts for 30 per cent of our business at the minute and we’ve been partnered up with Calor Gas seven years now.

“We fight to promote the green side of Calor as much as we can here.”

More information on RD Plumbing leading the way in green systems and innovations, along with quotes from David himself can be found on the news section of the company’s website (rdplumbing.ie).

Indeed, the company has come a long way from its origins. Having spent 13 years in the UK, David came home and took the decision to set-up RD Plumbing with his wife Maria.

The rest, as they say, is history. So, what has been the secret to success over these past dozen years?

“I think it’s down to the fact that we pretty much offer a solution to every problem,” the MD stated plainly.

“We have a good name for stepping outside of the box with our work here and delivering for our clients time and time again.”

Lockdown back in March was certainly a bump in the road in the RD Plumbing success story, but things have moved on and progressed forward since then.

Now operating with 12 staff and six vans on the road, the company is growing and those behind it are relishing the months ahead.

“Hopefully in the months to come we can continue to grow the renewable side of the business. We see it very much as being the essence of what we’re growing here,” David concluded.

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, January 2021, Vol 7 No 1