Making sure the client is happy

5 May , 2021  

Gordon Beacom Building Contractor has grown significantly to increase its expertise and experience to its present capability spanning various construction disciplines. 

A contractor employing three direct, but using many specialist sub-contractors, the company’s belief has always been to deliver a high-quality service and build on-time and as cost-effectively as possible. This desire for quality has seen the company’s reputation grow considerably over the years.

Experience is key in the construction industry and to that end, Gordon has it in abundance, dating back to 1976, when his father Victor initially set up the business with his son at his side.

Over the years, they worked together on diverse projects, both small and large, from minor works to major works until Victor’s sad passing in 1988. Gordon has continued his father’s ethos of providing a high quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction on all projects.

As many of the projects run concurrently, Gordon and his team place the right personnel with the right experience on the right jobs.

Specialising in one-off houses, extensions and renovations, the Fermanagh based building contractor is the go to builder in the Erne County when it comes to their area of expertise.

Building a house can be a stressful experience and for many it is the biggest cash outlay in their lives, a situation that is not lost on Gordon.

“You have to make sure the client is happy. It is the biggest spend they will ever make in their lifetimes and it is important to talk them through every stage of the build and ensure they are pleased with what we are doing. I think they appreciate the personal touch,” said Gordon.

Of course to ensure that a high quality of work is produced, Gordon has a good team around him, some of who he has been working with for many years.

“There are a good group of lads here. There are three employed direct and then we would use subbies as well. Most of the employees would be with us a good few years and they are experienced at what they do.

“The same can be said about the sub-contractors who know what we expect of them and they haven’t let us down. It is important to have that bit of experience behind you and know that you can leave a lad at a job and know that it will be done right.

“At one stage, we would have had 16 employed direct, but we’ve gone down a different route and have more sub-contractors now.”

Gordon is happy with the size of the company and he feels that it has stood them in good stead down through the years.

“We have always kept as a small business. It was something we have always done, we never got too big and we are still here, which is the main thing. We are very busy at the moment with five new builds on the go at the moment with three of them finishing soon.”

Gordon revealed that following the first Covid-19 Lockdown, he took a break from pricing jobs in order to catch up with the workload that he has on front of him.

“I’m only back pricing jobs in the past month or so and already we have got work out of that. The construction industry is in a healthy state at the moment, there are a lot of new builds, as well as extensions and renovations being done. People are not going away on holidays or doing anything really, so they are spending on doing up their homes.”

Gordon’s reputation certainly precedes him and he has a lot of repeat custom in that family members have called on him to do work for them.

“We would have built houses for a mother and father years back and now we are doing the same for their sons and daughters, so in that respect, we would have a lot of repeat custom alright.”

Aside from the current pandemic that has gripped the world, another issue that Gordon is closely monitoring is Brexit, which he feels may have an impact on the construction industry.

“The price of materials could go up that would be my only concern at the moment. No one really knows what Brexit will bring, but it looks as if it will have some effect on us. There is a shortage of timber as it is, due to the Covid and it has risen in price by as much as 25%.”

The belief upheld within the company sees the importance of meeting the clients’ needs in an honest and professional manner, thus Gordon Beacom Building Contractors has a consistent track record as a high quality builder and developer who delivers quality projects within budget and time schedules.

Their professional approach, reliable service and competitive pricing are three key aspects as to why Gordon and his team are chosen first for some of the projects. That and the quick time frame in which they get the job done makes them first choice for the decision makers on these projects.

“There’s definitely a strict time frame with these projects and the idea is to get the project started as soon as possible and completed within the agreed time-frame whilst ensuring that the work completed is to very high standards.”

The company’s track record makes for good reading too, with hundreds of jobs being carried out to excellent standards down through the years.

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, February, Vol 7 No 2