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1 Jul , 2021  

Established in 2007, Doyson Construction Ltd is a family-owned company which specialises in new build and retrofit building projects. Building Ireland touched base with its Managing Director Kevin Doyle recently to learn all about the ins and outs of the business.

Business is good at the moment at Doyson Construction Ltd and the plan for company directors Kevin and Sabrina Doyle is to keep things that way right through 2021.

Based in Ballon, Co Carlow, the company leads the way in sustainable construction and prides itself on delivering on time and on budget high quality completions.

Doyson Construction Ltd has completed projects all throughout the South East, South Midlands and South Dublin areas and, at the moment, are as busy as ever as the company heads into a 14th year.

Building Ireland caught up with Kevin Doyle to hear all about the current state of business, as well as the company’s origins.

“We currently have six full-time staff and my wife Sabrina would be the other director here,” Kevin outlined.

“We’re providing house building, extensions and renovations and we take on new builds as well.” Since 2007, the company has grown year on year to the point where it is now very well-established.

From ‘Day One’, the main objective of Doyson Construction Ltd has been to construct high quality new homes, extensions, commercial and retail units.

The company specialises in renovation work to achieve ‘A’ Rated standards and boasts the first Retrofit project in Ireland to receive an A1 BER Rating.

It’s all a far cry from where Kevin started out in this business.

Having set-up Doyson Construction Ltd as a carpentry outfit, the company gradually moved towards house building, extensions and renovation work.

“I was a carpenter by trade and I found myself wanting to get into the building end more and more,” said Kevin.

“We started this company in 2007 and obviously it wasn’t an ideal time with the recession but, at the same time, there was enough work on the cards.

“We’ve been busy more or less since we set-up and although we set-up in 2007, it was 2009 before we got fairly active with this line of work.

“Before that it was carpentry in ‘07-08 and we moved towards building and renovation then.” New build and retrofit projects are now very much the company’s forte.

At the moment, it has a number of on-going projects going on through the south east which are set to keep Kevin and his team busy in the early months of 2021.

“It’s as busy as it can be all things considered. There’s definitely a shortage of tradesmen in this country at the minute, but you just have to get on with it,” he stated.

“We have a deep retrofit job of an old 1860 granite building on-going at the minute on Barrack Street in Carlow Town.

“We also have had two new builds in Carlow which we’ve just completed, so we’re kept busy here.”

Leaders in sustainable construction, Doyson Construction Ltd’s work when it comes to A1 retrofit has been recognised on a national level with previous award success.

The company is C2 registered, fully insured and is also an SEAI approved registered contractor.

Kevin outlined that Doyson Construction Ltd’s first retrofit project was what helped to get the company’s foot in the door more than a decade ago.

“Originally, the first project was a 1970 A1 retrofit in Carlow,” he explained.

“Once we completed that project, architects started to get in touch with us and we’ve continued that working relationship with them ever since.”

Doyson Construction Ltd’s other main selling point, according to Kevin, is the excellent and professional manner in which it carries out its airtight work.

Kevin himself feels that targets aren’t being hit by many contractors when it comes to airtightness, and he views it as one of the reasons why clients choose his company first ahead of other competitors in the same field.

“I think airtightness in particular is still a problem in the construction industry,” he said.

“A lot of contractors aren’t hitting their airtightness targets and our clients know that we can hit those targets.

“So, with that, architects and customers give us good referrals for the work that we do.”

Indeed, recent years have seen Doyson Construction Ltd working on some highly efficient buildings including homes that are energy efficient and passive.

With a combination of careful construction, attention to detail and the advances made in materials and systems available, it is possible, viable and almost certainly necessary to make a client’s home or commercial unit self-sufficient in energy usage.

Kevin and his team in Viewmount have the knowledge, capability and experience to work with you and your architect to achieve your dream home and cut your energy costs.

Looking towards 2021, Kevin himself is hopeful that things can improve with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as Brexit, and that businesses won’t be as sorely affected as they were this past year.

“Hopefully, the situation with Covid-19 gets tidied up and that Brexit doesn’t affect us any worse.

“Costs are a bit too high right now when it comes to new build houses in Dublin and if Brexit goes wrong, it’s going to get worse.

“Hopefully, things will improve in 2021 and we can continue to keep busy here like we have been,” he concluded.

Hear, hear.

Doyson Construction Ltd



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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, April, Vol 7 No 4