Four decades of excellence for David Lilley Construction

20 Apr , 2021  

Established over 40 years, David Lilley Construction in Co Cork caters for new builds, extensions, modifications, renovations and custom jobs. Building Ireland touched base with the man himself recently to learn all about the company and the state of business at the moment.

Business is “absolutely flying” at David Lilley Construction right now and the plan for David and his crew down around Mallow is to keep things that way.

A professional family-run business with over 40 years’ experience in the building trade, David Lilley Construction is a company which takes great pride in its work.

That pride is clearly evident in the detail of the company’s completed projects all over the south of the country.

Building Ireland caught up with David Lilley himself to hear more about this thriving family business.

“I took over from my father 10 years ago and altogether the company would be going over 40 years,” David outlined.

“My brother John is involved in the company and my wife Linda would be secretary, and altogether we have five full-time staff.

“We provide a full building service from new builds to extensions and renovations. We’ve someone specialising in interior design for as well and I’ve a brother-in-law who is a stone mason and another brother-in-law a painter. So, it really is a family business here.”

Based in Shanballymore, Mallow, Co Cork, David Lilley Construction has developed a reputation for carrying out its projects to a very high standard.

Once a project commences, David and his team consider all aspects of the build including the current needs of the owner, the future plans of the owner and any changes that the owner may predict in the coming years.

Every family has a different story to tell and with that story comes different needs and demands on their living space.

At David Lilley Construction, they have always believed that it is crucial to take this into consideration when designing and planning projects. 

A home must be able to adapt to the changing needs of its owners as the years progress and this is why they consider the long-term needs of the family or persons right at the outset of the project planning phase.

The company considers the long-term comfort, contentment and the practicality of how a home performs for its residents not just now but in years to come.

Whether you live alone, as a couple or have a family of five, David Lilley Construction consider your living arrangements and the needs that your home must fulfil.

They always look to the end project and, with your involvement, decide on the goals that they want to achieve.

The company’s concepts are delivered through clear and constant communication with you, they listen, advise and most importantly deliver each and every time.

All of this considered, it was no surprise to see David Lilley Construction earning success at last year’s prestigious Irish Enterprise Awards in its Residential Category.

There’s sure to be plenty more award successes for the company down the line too.

As for the current state of business, things couldn’t be better at David Lilley Construction.

“Business is absolutely flying at the minute, I can’t get enough workers to be honest,” said the Managing Director.

“Thankfully, lockdown earlier in the year didn’t really affect us that badly. The only thing that really affected us was that materials were slow when we got back, but things are good now.”

At the moment, the company is immersed in council projects around Limerick and Cork City.

Business is indeed booming, so what has been the secret to the company’s success and longevity?

“I suppose it’s because we cater for everything,” David stated.

“A small job is the same as a big job to us and we’re lucky that, with the people we have, we’re able to cater for everything.

“It has been all word of mouth for us really down through the years and we just try and give our customers the best possible service.”

That service was again recognised this year when David Lilley Construction won the award for ‘Best Family Run Construction Company’ at the Build Magazine Construction & Engineering Awards.

Once again, David and his family appreciated the recognition that came with the award success.

“We won last year and we won again this year. This year was the family award,” he said.

“It’s nice to get the recognition and it’s nice to see it on Facebook too, saying that it was ‘well deserved’ because we put in 110 per cent to every job that we do here.”

As a family-run business, David Lilley Construction have always valued the fundamentals of what businesses should be built on which is honesty, integrity and in their line of work craftsmanship.

The company’s ethic of putting customers first and valuing every job regardless of size or budget are at the core of what they do and will continue to be going forward.

Whether you are thinking of a small modification, conversion, extension or a complete turnkey project call David Lilley Construction today for a free consultation, they would welcome your call or enquiry.

David Lilley Construction
Co Cork.
Tel: 022 40822
Mob: 086 152 2104
Web: davidlilleyconstruction.ie

This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, January 2021, Vol 7 No 1