Busy times at D Gilmore Developments Ltd

5 Jan , 2022  

Based in Lurgan, Co Armagh, D Gilmore Developments Ltd specialises in private housing developments and one-off houses. Building Ireland caught up with company owner and founder David Gilmore to learn all about this thriving family business situated in the Orchard County.

These are busy times at D Gilmore Developments Ltd and the plan for David Gilmore and the team along the Dromore Road in Lurgan, Co Armagh is to try and keep things that way right through to 2022.

Established over 30 years now, the company has grown a reputation for its excellent work down through the decades when it comes to building turnkey houses.

David Gilmore and his son, Richard, and daughter, Lynn, are all part of the Gilmore clan which has helped to grow the business into what it is today.

Building Ireland touched base with David recently to hear all about the ins and outs of the company – from its origins to the state of business today.

“The company is established 32 years now and we could have 40 to 50 working with us right now between the two sites we’re on at the moment,” he outlined.

“My son Richard is on the opposite site to me and my daughter Lynn looks after the books for the business.

“Basically, we specialise in private housing developments and the sites that we’re on would be all private houses with up to 80 or 90 homes in them.”

That’s all a far cry from where David Gilmore started out in the business.

As he outlined himself, his first years working after finishing school weren’t in the construction industry but in the car trade game.

Feeling there was a niche in the market, he soon found an interest in private housing developments and would go on to set-up D Gilmore Developments Ltd in 1989.

The rest, as they say, is history.

“I was in the car trade for a while and eventually took the decision to buy a site,” explained David.

“The site was for eight houses and I just started from there and, thankfully, haven’t looked back since.

“We did get a bit of a knock back in 2008 with the recession, but we worked through and we’re still here and things are going well.”

‘Going well’ might be an understatement as D Gilmore Developments is currently immersed in two separate private housing developments in Dollingstown and in Dungannon.

While the Covid-19 pandemic, and the government restrictions which followed to try and combat the spread of the virus, would have seen works on those sites delayed, David is happy to report that things are now back in full swing.

In fact, business is thriving for the company right now and looks like getting even busier this summer.

“It was quiet enough this time last year with the pandemic and lockdowns but it has really started to pick up, especially at the start of 2021,” said the Managing Director.

“We’re very busy now with the two sites that we’re on in Dollingstown and in Dungannon, with around 80 houses in each of them.

“They’re all private houses that we’ll be selling to individuals ourselves.”

As it stands, there’s plenty of work for the team at D Gilmore Developments Ltd over the coming months between both sites.

However, David revealed to us that there could be more on the way with the prospect of another private housing development starting up in the area.

“The Dungannon site that we’re on at the minute is 83 houses and we have 14 fully completed at this stage, while the plan for the Dollingstown site is for 80 houses in total,” he said.

“At the moment, we’re planning for what will hopefully be another big development in Lurgan. It’s in the pipeline as it stands, so I can’t say too much about it right now but hopefully we’ll be able to break ground on that.”

After the challenging year that was 2020 as result of the pandemic, this year seems to be making up for things so far and, right now, it’s all shoulders to the wheel for D Gilmore Developments Ltd.

So, the burning question is what has been the secret to success for the company these past 32 years?

According to David, quality work and good value for money go a long way this business.

“I think our clients choose us first because we provide them with great value for money and, at the same time, we also give them a high-quality finish on each house,” he said.

Indeed, D Gilmore Developments Ltd can’t be beaten when it comes to quality and it goes a long way towards outlining the longevity of the business.

Clients know what to expect from David and his team as they’ve a wealth of experience under their belts when it comes to private housing developments and one-off houses.

Looking towards the coming months, David is hoping that they can continue on doing what they’re doing and perhaps secure a couple of more new contracts along the way.

“Turnkey houses are what we provide for our clients and we’re hoping that we can just continue on doing that.

“We wouldn’t want another lockdown happening – no one does – so hopefully we’ve seen the last of them and turned a corner now with the vaccine roll-out and things starting to open up again,” he concluded.

D Gilmore Developments Ltd
28 Dromore Road,
Co Armagh
BT66 7LD
Tel: +44 785 0306 638

This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, November 2021, Vol 7 No 11