William Burgoyne of QBM has helped to train over 200 roofing operatives across the construction industry

18 Mar , 2020  

William Burgoyne of Quality Building Materials, in his role of head of training and technical sales representative, has spearheaded the training of over 200 roofing operatives and apprentices across Ireland since 2018. The company has invested significantly in their commitment to the training and upskilling of future generations of roofing contractors and apprentices across Ireland.

Having trained over 200 roofers across Ireland since 2018, Quality Building Materials have invested significantly in their commitment to the training and upskilling of future generations of roofing contractors and apprentices across Ireland.

Spearheading this commitment is William Burgoyne, head of training and technical sales representative at Quality Building Materials (QBM). Delivering bespoke training courses in their facilities in Dublin, William Burgoyne has trained over 200 operatives during his time in the leading roofing suppliers.

William began his career alongside his brother John as sub-contractors for BRFS. William has been involved on major projects with Ireland’s leading contractors and roofing contractors working on jobs such as Intel Fab 24, Microsoft, Google, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol Myers Squibb and other such big Industrial projects. His capabilities lay predominately in the practical side of roofing installations leading him to his current role in Quality Building Materials. 

With his hands on practical knowledge and experience, William was the ideal fit to head up  the training division of QBM – David Butler, Managing Director of QBM adds, “As our company was growing we required more on site support and thus the knock on effect was a surge in roofing contractors requiring training on the application of our products, William’s experience made him the ideal person to head up this role. He has been a pivotal part of our success in training over 200 roofing operatives across Ireland and the UK since 2018.”

As head of training and technical sales, William is both in house, supporting sales, processing orders, prefabricating metals and delivering training days alongside providing onsite support to clients undertaking roof inspections and providing specification reports. There is not much William doesn’t lend a helping hand to!

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years William is highly regarded across the industry and is a welcome face on sites across Ireland. The roofing company founded by Managing Director, David Butler have built their reputation as the leading agents for a number of high-performance roofing products in Ireland and the UK including, Firestone, FDT, Kalzip, Riwega, Ultralfex, BST and more.

As part of their commitment to upskilling future generations, QBM are currently expanding their facilities to meet the demand of the industry for training from grassroots level, student apprenticeship trainings through to roofing contractors, to ensure they have full product knowledge and installation guides for our high-performance waterproofing systems.

The dynamic and versatile roofing contractors have pledged to double last year’s roofing training numbers from 70 to over 150, with a number of courses already fully booked. The roofing suppliers have further cemented their commitment through their partnership with TU Dublin to upskill their new Apprenticeship Programme Students.