Uncompromising quality in Asbestos removal

11 Apr , 2018  

Gravity is proud to be recognized as one of the leading asbestos contractors in Ireland due to their exemplary work standards, dedication to health and safety, highly skilled workforce and efficient management systems.

The philosophy at Gravity is not only to comply with the onerous legislation pertaining to working with asbestos but to exceed these requirements.

Since its formation, the company has always taken a professional view of what is a legally complex and logistically challenging market and therefore has a national reputation for excellence within the asbestos industry.

Gravity is in position to remove all types of asbestos material from all commercial, industrial and residential properties nationwide.

Whether your asbestos needs to be removed or if it can be safely encapsulated and managed, their specialist teams have the expertise to identify the best way of tackling your individual project and successfully completing it in the most cost-effective manner.

The Wexford-based company, which operates a nationwide coverage, is the brainchild of PJ Mooney, who boasts over fifteen years’ experience in this unique and highly hazardous industry. Gravity have assembled a highly skilled experienced team to look after all of your asbestos service requirements

Through sheer determination, hard-work, investment and dedication to training, Gravity has grown to become one of the largest and most reputable Asbestos removal companies in Ireland providing Asbestos removal services to the likes of Intel, Pfizer, OPW, HSE, Main Contractors and the majority of the County Councils to name but a few

Gravity’s highly trained team is trusted within the industry & recognized by the HSA for offering a specialist rapid response to asbestos related issues, across all public, private and commercial sectors.

Their commitment to health and safety underpins everything that they do and all of the projects that they undertake are managed to comply with industry legislation, approved codes of practice and HSA guidance notes.

Rigorous audits both internally and by external independent organizations ensure that all quality control procedures are maintained to the highest level on all of their sites.

They invest heavily in the latest plant and safety equipment for all of their employees, testing it biannually and replacing it regularly to ensure the upmost effectiveness.

All of their employees are supplied with specialist protective equipment and receive regular medical examinations to ensure their safety is at the forefront of their working day whilst they also undergo regular multi-disciplinary training to ensure that their skill sets are of the highest industry standard allowing them to perform their tasks in the most productive, efficient and safe way possible. To that end, they are proud to announce that they have a 100% health and safety record which is admirable considering the onerous and harsh environments that they work in on a day to day basis

Health & Safety in the Asbestos industry is of paramount importance and it has become even more stringent and regulated over the years, according to PJ. “The attention to detail required in our work is of an extremely high level. There is absolutely no room for error. As a result, every job is meticulously completed providing all of our clients with the piece of mind that the job has been finished to the highest industry standard. This is of particular importance when it comes to our Hospital and School contracts” added PJ.

“That gives our clients confidence in us and how we operate. When they make contact they know that they are going to be getting an extremely good service and the right result for their project.”

PJ continued: “The most important thing we always say to our clients is – don’t be afraid to ask questions. Our tenders are extremely comprehensive, listing everything that will be required to complete their project safely and on time, we also include our employee training certification, asbestos waste collection permits, asbestos insurance, client testimonials etc. to provide a high level of confidence in our clients from the very start.

“Asbestos removal can be an unexpected expense to companies or individual property owners at times and in the past we have lost jobs because we have been considered a little higher than another tender. But that’s simply because we do it right – with the correct training, methods, disposal, insurances, paperwork and health and safety procedures. In fact on a number of occasions subsequently we have gotten calls to come in and clean up other people’s mess…..where a project may have been awarded but the HSA may have inspected the project and were have not been satisfied with the competency levels of how the works were been carried out and we have been then appointed to make things right, when it comes to people’s wellbeing and the right and wrong way of doing something there is no such thing as short cut in the Asbestos industry.”

Gravity are in a position to mobilise teams of up to 20 asbestos operatives at short notice if required in an emergency clean up situation or to carry out general removal works. They also operate a 24 hour, seven days a week emergency response service.

“Our specialists areas cover all types of asbestos removal works including land remediation, floor tile and bitumen adhesive removal, notifiable works, asbestos sheeting removal for demolition projects or asbestos roof refurb projects where we carry out all works in house in that we supply the scaffold, safety netting, our own cranage and plant, strip the asbestos roof and re instate the new Kingspan panels which will increase the U value, natural light intake, your security, the value of the building, its rent-ability while decreasing your insurance costs, yearly maintenance costs, likely hood of water ingress or damaged stock and it will give the client great piece of mind that they are getting a turnkey project from start to finish with one point of contact and future proof the upward only prospectus of their property on completion of the roof refurb works.”

As the conversation turned to the company’s future prospects, PJ added: “We pride ourselves in giving a professional service to all of our customers and we look forward to completing many more both small and large scale projects for our clients all over Ireland,”  he concluded.

So for all your future asbestos related queries or projects, there seems to be only household name…….

Gravity Construction


Co Wexford

Tel: 1890 111 222

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.gravityconstruction.ie

Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, December 2017, Vol 3 No 11