Turnkey sheet metal and ventilation packages

21 Feb , 2018  

With a proven record for delivering high-quality workmanship and a service that’s second to none, SR Ventilation Ltd. has, since its inception in 2006, established itself as one of Ireland’s premier sheet metal and ventilation contractors. We caught up with founder / proprietor Stephen Reddin to find out more about this exceptional HVAC operation.

With the benefit of two decades of specialist expertise, Stephen Reddin fronts one of Ireland’s leading ventilation and air conditioning contractors. Supplying and installing all ventilation systems and all fire-rated ductwork systems, SR Ventilation Ltd. is an industry leader, synonymous with installing superb HVAC systems that perform to the highest level.

Due to the quality of the installations, workmanship and products invariable delivered on time and within budget, SR Ventilation has grown organically on the back of steady repeat business from a who’s who of reputable mechanical contractors island-wide.

The fact that Stephen and his team have completed projects for prestigious clients such as Google, Facebook, Kevin Street Garda Station, Tesco and Bewley’s, Grafton Street speaks volumes about the high esteem in which they are held and tells us more about the standard of service provided that a tome of carefully-arranged superlatives and adjectives could.

Quality is a byword at SR Ventilation and has been the key driver of the company’s resounding success. “Service is paramount and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service levels,” Stephen confirms. “When a client rings you – be it a Friday night or a Saturday or Sunday morning – you have to be there to take the call. The growth we have achieved over the past eleven years has been solely down to service, reliability and good workmanship.”

Having worked in the ventilation and air conditioning sector since he was 16 years old, Stephen went out on his own by establishing SR Ventilation in January, 2006. He started out from modest beginnings, with just himself assisted by one other employee, and has since developed the business year-on-year to the extent where gainful employment is now directly generated for a crew of 29, with a modern fleet of six service vans out on the road on a daily basis.

Of course, the growth of the business has not happened by mere accident. As well as having the vision and determination to set the company up, the MD has also invested an inordinate amount of time, money and hard work into taking SR Ventilation Ltd. to where it is today. “You’ll only get out what you are prepared to put in and, thankfully, it’s a case of so far, so good,” he notes.

SR Ventilation provides a full range of HVAC solutions, from the supply and installation of ductwork, volume control dampers, fire dampers and fire-rated ductwork systems to heat recovery units, smoke extraction, passive air and kitchen extraction systems, including grille boxes, louvers, diffusers, etc.

“We provide a full turnkey package in the ventilation side of it, with support from all the main suppliers in Ireland,” says the founder. These industry-leading suppliers include Air Movement Supplies, Lindab, Fantech Ventilation, AC Manufacturing and Safeguard Systems, all of whose products are supplied and installed in full compliance with manufacturer recommendations.

Furthermore, SR Ventilation is one of only a few sheet metal and ventilation contractors in Ireland to have been awarded FIRAS certification for the installation of fire protection products / systems to the construction industry. All work carried out is fully-certified and, where applicable, products come with CE certs.

As each particular job undertaken is bespoke and unique in its own right, it is imperative that Stephen and his experienced team of dedicated, highly-trained sheet metal workers and ventilation installers are knowledgeable, flexible and forward-thinking.

Needless to say, Health & Safety as well as exceptional workmanship are massive considerations and to this end all manufacturer and industry guidelines and regulations are strictly adhered to down to the finest detail. “You have to abide by manufacturers’ recommendations when it comes to installation and it’s important to keep up to speed with all the regulations and advancements pertaining to fire-proofing and fire protection, etc. Our suppliers provide us with all the information we need and we also attend a lot of courses to keep ourselves educated and up to date on everything that’s happrning in ventilation and air conditioning.”

Considering that the company was established the year before Ireland’s construction industry was ravaged by a severe economic downturn, it’s fairly remarkable that SR Ventilation has not only survived but thrived. “We actually worked every single day through the recession, which we are extremely proud of.”

It was a challenging time for business owners and there was no room for waste. Only the stronger would survive and in this case the fledgling company emerged lean and strong, with a myriad of efficiencies inbuilt from the very beginning. This has served them well and contributed to the growth that followed. And Stephen is optimistic that further growth is on the cards:

“We’ll go with the market and expand as the market expands and as our clients expand,” he concludes. “Whatever they need from us, we will supply it. If there’s an increase in demand for our services from the reputable mechanical contractors that we work for, then we will grow the business accordingly. I can certainly see the business growing within the next 12-18 months for a start, as we have landed some very big projects during that time.”

With all work done in-house, SR Ventilation is a veritable one-stop shop for HVAC installations and Stephen makes himself available to clients around the clock, 24/7, to ensure that every project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Another mobile phone that takes a lot of charging!

SR Ventilation Ltd.,

3 Ellensborough Rise, Kiltipper Road, Dublin 24.

Tel: 097 9500079

Email: [email protected]

Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, November 2017, Vol 3 No 10