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26 Aug , 2019  

Established in 2016, Tyfer Networks are making huge strides in their field of expertise, the fibre communication market.

Using the latest technology, the company have been involved in numerous projects both in Ireland and the U.K. Company directors Damien Treanor and Kevin Martin both have over 15 years’ experience working in the telecommunications industry and they have offices in Drogheda and Enniskillen.

Despite only being three years in business, the company has seen significant growth during that period of time and the positive feedback they receive from clients is a testament to the high standard of work that they produce.

“Our aim has always been to deliver a quality assured project which meets the customers’ requirements, while also being cost effective,” said Damien.

Tyfer Networks provide a wide range of services within the telecommunications industry and these include full fibre turnkey solutions, including fibre cable installation, splicing and testing, to backup network maintenance.

“Kevin and I have many years’ experience in the industry and we have surrounded ourselves with a good team here. We saw a niche in the market and both of us had worked with Obelisk, which meant we had a number of contacts in the industry.

“Some of our biggest customers would be the Obelisk Group and BT. We have been involved in the Siro project for some time and there are 13 employed here at the moment, but we will look to increase that over the next period of time.”

Tyfer Networks use their own custom built workflow management system, which allows them to tailor a client’s specific needs to maximise cost effectiveness while maintaining exceptional quality standards.

“Our team of expert fibre technicians are highly experienced and so have the ability to adapt to changes and adversities as they arise on any given project.

“Our fibre optic engineers carry out the installation, testing and maintenance of fibre optic systems using fusion splicing of single and multimode fibre optic cable. We have extensive experience of blown fibre and FTTP installations and we pride ourselves on great customer service with health and safety a priority.”

The company’s customer base ranges from business installations, single customers, premises where there are multiple tenants/customers(MDU).

“We cater for all. All jobs are treated the same and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our list of services means that we have the flexibility to carry out many functions in the industry.”

Installation services including cabling, switches and patch panels, final termination, testing and commissioning.

Maintenance and service are also a big part of the business as Damien revealed that they are always on hand to deal with any issues that may occur.

Our fibre teams are on call to carry out maintenance and repair services. The engineers are fully trained using the latest equipment and this helps them to get the work done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Like so many other businesses that operate both in Northern and Southern Ireland, Damien and Kevin are awaiting to see how Brexit may or may not affect them.

“A hard border would have a huge effect on our business. That is something we are clear on. It could have a detrimental affect on our trade, but it is just a situation where we will have to wait and see.”

Damien feels that their success to date can be attributed to the quality work that is guaranteed on every project.

“The quality of our work has been recognised by our clients. We hope to grow with the likes of Obelisk and Siro and as long as we continue to deliver to the highest standards, then we should have no issues.”

Accreditation wise, Tyfer Networks have worked hard to obtain their ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 over the course of the last few years.

“The accreditation is in recognition of the high standards that we set ourselves and of which our clients expect from us.”

The telecommunications market is a very competitive industry and Damien stressed that they cannot allow to let their standards drop.

“In this industry, you are only as good as your last job. So it is imperative to maintain the standards that not only us, but our clients have become accustomed too.

“To ensure this, we use the best of equipment and products on any project. The equipment is key and we have shopped around to find the best equipment.”

In-house training is a focal point of the business as Damien told us they feel their employees will learn more from training in the business.

“All our staff are qualified in their areas of expertise. We carry out a lot of in-house training and by doing this we feel that they will understand the ethos of the business more and know what we expect from them on every project.”

Damien admitted that the growth of the business has taken them by surprise. “We are happy with the direction of the business. When we started, we wanted to grow and that growth has happened quicker than we thought it would.

“Our name is out there and the business is at a stage where clients come to us and it is a place where every company wants to be in. There is a big demand for our product and hopefully that growth will continue.”

Contact Details:

Tyfer Networks

31 Glenlevan Road,



BT93 6ER,

Co Fermanagh,

N. Ireland

Tel: +442868641541

Email: [email protected]

Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, June, Vol 5 No 6