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8 Jan , 2020  

As a family run business, KonFloor Ltd who are a specialist industrial flooring contractor, focusing on ensuring client satisfaction on all their projects.

Their ability to work closely with their customers allows them to provide a full design and installation service that will exceed their clients’ expectations.

Offering a one-stop service for the design and installation of concrete floor slabs, KonFloor are a leading firm in their area of expertise.

The experience that the company has obtained over the last 20 plus years has allowed them to continuously improve on every area of the business and they can guarantee that every specification and timeframe are met on all projects.

Providing many options to the client means that KonFloor can ensure that the customer sees the project from a number of different views, thus allowing them to choose the best results.

KonFloor are equally at home working with steel fibre designed slabs or designing traditional mesh re-enforced options or working to the client engineers specification.

Repeat custom is a big part of their business and focusing on quality installations has paved the way for clients to call them back for further work.

KonFloor have carried out work for such leading brands as B+Q, Homebase, Woodies DIY, Coca Cola, Tesco, Aldi, Cuisine De France, The Point Depot, Dublin Airport, Belfast Harbour and many more in the U.K and Ireland.

The services include mesh slabs, steel fibre reinforced concrete, pile supported floors and high tolerance defined movement floors.

“We give a strong commitment to programme scheduling which reduces cost for all involved and provide unbeatable prices,” said KonFloor Director Kevin O’Reilly.

Of course, Kevin stressed that they are only as good as their last job and he feels that the experience of their employees has played a huge part in the success of the business.

“Our highly trained operatives can and do install up to 2500m2 per day and achieve high surface tolerances on every floor through the use of both hand screeding and the automated SXP Laser Screed for larger areas. We would do a lot of inhouse training, so our employees know the standards that we are aiming to reach.”

Their reputation has earned them contracts not just in the U.K and Ireland, but further afield in places like Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

“A lot of work is sourced through word of mouth on previous projects. We would pull in a new customer or two every year and we are continuously growing. We have built a reputable reputation and it is up to us to not only maintain those standards, but to improve on them where possible.”

KonFloor have been involved in some massive projects including pouring the floor of Europe’s fourth largest warehouse which is located in Bristol.

“There were 107,000sq metres of concrete laid in 12 weeks, which was one of our biggest undertakings as a company and we were delighted with how it turned out.”

Offering a wide range of professional experience in Geotechnical Engineering ground improvement techniques, KonFloor are guaranteed to offer advice on all forms of slab construction.

With years of experience Konfloor has been able to develop construction techniques that meet the highest surface regularity requirements. These would have traditionally been constructed using slow and laborious long strip methods. They have installed floors using the Laser Screed to FM1, the tightest category for general traffic in speculative buildings where VNA racking locations are unknown at the time of construction.

“Our methods are ideally suited to inaccessible areas that cannot be accessed by laser levelling machine. This system can, and will, readily accommodate traditional forms of reinforcement (mesh fabric or bar).”

With offices in Armagh and Omeath, Co Louth, KonFloor has gone from strength to strength in recent years and Kevin admits that they are happy with the direction of the business.

“Yes, we would be happy with the workload that we have at the moment. We have been involved in some very prestigious projects that have helped enhance our reputation as one of the leading industrial floor specialists in Ireland and the U.K.”

Health and safety is a key issue for the company and they are committed to safe working practices and promoting a healthy and safe working environment with their operatives through the use of workshops and regular bulletins and toolbox talks.

“There is a huge focus on health and safety and we have all the necessary accreditation to carry out our work to the highest standard within the regulations and legislation set out in the industry.”

KonFloor only use tried and trusted suppliers for their products as they only use the best of materials on any of their projects.

“We would use the same few suppliers, especially for our concrete. At the end of the day, if the product is not up to scratch, it is us who will be held responsible and it is our reputation that will be tarnished, so it is essential that we deal with companies that we trust.”

As stated, the company is a one-stop shop in this area and Kevin concluded by stating that they can walk the client through every stage of the project.

“Here at Konfloor we can design and construct these floors to the latest design methods using steel fibre reinforcement. As mentioned before the reinforcement and construction method can be chosen to suit each individual client requirements.”

Contact Details:

KonFloor Ltd


Suite D

Dean Swift Building

Armagh Business Park

50 Hamiltonsbawn Road


BT60 1HW    

Phone: +44 (0) 28 37522 700

Fax: +44 (0) 28 37526 020


Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, September, Vol 5 No 9