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6 Nov , 2018  

The Casey Group has earned a first class reputation in area of tower crane sales, service and hire since being set-up 29 years ago. Building Ireland learned all about the family-run business from its founder and Managing Director Billy Casey recently.

These are busy times for the Casey Group in Kilcullen, Co Kildare and the company’s owner and founder wouldn’t have it any other way considering how the Irish construction industry finds itself at the moment.

When Billy Casey started his crane sales and hire firm back in 1989, he started out with just one crane. Now the fleet in its entirety sits at 50 – 40 which are currently out on projects all across the country.

It has been a success story no doubt but there’s no hint of an argument anywhere that Billy and his family haven’t had to work to get where they are today – and that is as the only family-owned crane hire outfit in the country that buy their own machines, according to the man himself.

“We’re established since 1989 and right now we’ve 20 staff working with us,” Billy outlined.

“We work with tower cranes. We have every make of tower crane here and altogether we’d have 50 cranes in our fleet. We also provide hire and sales, block grabs, chains, slings and rope. You name it, we have it.

“I’m a Kerry man, originally from Killarney, and when I came to Dublin I went down to the docks looking to work with cranes. I went into tower cranes first in 1995 and when I started off it was with just one crane and built my way up from there to what I have now.”

Fast-forward some three decades and the Casey Group are now very much a trusted partner to the construction industry in the area of tower crane sales, service and hire.

The Kildare-based company is proud to count on some of Ireland’s leading companies as its customers.

Through the continuous investment in its hire fleet, which consists of the German manufactured Liebherr and Wolffkran models, the Casey Group has been able to maintain its position as a leading supplier of tower cranes to the Irish, UK and International markets.

As the business has grown in recent years, it has continued to add new products to the crane fleet such as the Remote Control City Tower Crane and the very popular Self Erecting Crane.

The Casey Group has achieved great success and customer satisfaction with the addition of their Builders Hoist and Mast Climbing Platform Hire & Sales Division across Ireland and more recently the UK market.

They can offer customers the optimum solution for the safe movement of materials and passengers on the construction site. Their market leading manufacturing partners Geda, Scanclimber, Hek and Maber provide them with the right products, flexibility and innovative design, allowing them to continuously satisfy customers’ expectations and requirements.

To this day, the Casey Group today have remained committed to providing all of their customers with the right solution, product, customer service and satisfaction to meet the demands of a challenging industry.

Some of the company’s well-known clients include Sisk, PJ Hegarty & Sons and McNamara Construction and 2017 was a very solid year for the company, as Billy himself testified.

“Business is good,” he stated. “It’s grand for next year (2018). We have one of the biggest cranes in the country on a job for Sisk at the moment. It’s a 450 Linden Comansa and altogether there are six cranes of ours going to that site for them.”

Things are in a healthy state now but 10 years ago, or so, it was an entirely different scenario. The economic downturn devastated the construction industry in this country and Billy doesn’t shy away from the fact that his company suffered as a direct result.

“We were effected big time. I’m not going to lie, we were under serious pressure but, thankfully, we came through it,” said the Managing Director.

“At the moment we are the only family-owned (crane) company in the country that are buying our own stuff. Most of the new cranes that we buy here are Linden Comansa.”

Billy is undoubtedly proud of what his company has achieved over the past 29 years, growing from strength to strength and gaining some of the most notable construction clients in the country along the way.

2018 will be about more of the same for the Casey Group. Going forward most of its projects are still Dublin-based but there are still a handful happening outside of the busy capital.

“We’ve about 50 cranes here and 40 of those are out at the moment,” Billy explained.

“We’ve a job for Duggan’s off Thomas Street in Dublin and another for them at DCU. We’re working at Blanchardstown Hospital for BAM and we’ve one going up on O’Connell Street for Flynn’s.

“We’ve a couple of self-erectors going up too and another going up in Crumlin in the New Year. Outside Dublin, we have cranes in Limerick, Shannon, Galway, Cork, Drogheda and Belfast, so we can’t complain about how business has been lately.”

He added: “It’s safe enough to say that I’ll be taking on two more men in the New Year the way things are going at the minute.”

No matter what your lifting requirement may be, however large or small, the Casey Group can help source and identify the right solution for your project.

They can provide a complete solution including the planning, installation, removal and transport of the hire equipment to and from your site.

The company is also committed to expanding its hire fleet to cater for all needs of customers and their aim, as a supplier, is to be the complete hire solution for their customers.

Casey Group


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Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, July 2018, Vol 4 No 6