Taller residential buildings approved in Dublin city centre

2 Jun , 2016  

In its new development plan, Dublin City Council has voted in favour of increased residential building heights.

Low-rise buildings of up to 24 metres (or 8 storeys) will now be allowed in all areas between the capital’s canals – an increase of two storeys. But the maximum height for commercial buildings in low-rise areas has been preserved at 28 metres (seven floors).

Councillors voted against a proposal to increase the maximum height for low-rise residential buildings outside the canals, leaving it at 13 metres / four floors. However, within 500 metres of any rail station, it will be increased to 24m.

Nine areas in the city and suburbs have been designated for mid-rise up to 50m, allowing for 16-storey blocks, and a further four areas in the city centre are getting a high-rise designation in excess of that (Docklands, Georges Quay, Heuston Station, Connolly Station).