SIAC: “Simply the best” – Building excellence for over a century

8 Apr , 2019  

When it comes to high-quality, high-tech Façade contactors, one company stands out from the rest – SIAC Roofing and Cladding

They are expert suppliers and installers of most products; that are as diverse as mastic asphalts, to liquid plastic roofing systems. From modern rainscreen systems, glazing systems to standing seam systems. Aluminium roofing systems to EPDM and TPO roofs. From basic build up façade systems to your standard architectural wall panels. SIAC have been involved in many prestigious projects down through the 105 years history.

From their headquarters in Cork, their contracting facilities are available through Ireland, the U.K and further afield. Complying rigidly with the highest safety, health and welfare standards, SIAC is proud to be a customer and safety focused group. Fully insured, the company are one of first companies to be registered with the national Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) as a competent and capable contractor

In addition the company is a registered member of the Construction Industry  Federation (CIF) along with the Roofing and Cladding Contractors Association of Ireland. Also part of the International Roofing Federation. As part of their quality portfolio, they have ISO 9001:2015 NQA.

Since been founded in 1913, SIAC have developed a reputation for excellence and delivering quality projects that always meet and sometimes exceed their client’s expectations.

Roofing and cladding has been a key component of the business since its genesis and managing director of the company Alan Ahern spoke to Building Ireland about what sets SIAC apart from their competitors.

SIAC are now one of Ireland’s largest façade contractors and have built a strong reputation and growing business in Ireland, UK and Europe.

“Business is going well and there has been a big pick up in the last four years or so. We have found ourselves involved in a number of ongoing projects at the moment with some here in Cork and more in Dublin and a couple of key projects in the UK,” stated Alan.

Customer satisfaction is one of the key reasons for the success of the business and Alan revealed they place a huge emphasis on doing everything just once.

“We recognise that long-term repeat business relationships with our customers are fundamental to the continued success of the company. Our aim is for customers to value the service we provide as highly as we value their business. The goal is always to try and surpass their expectation.

“As a multi-disciplinary business often handling large and complex projects for our customers, we provide a single point of contact and single point of accountability for every project involving SIAC’s multiple services – from start to finish.”

Some of the larger projects that the company are currently working in Ireland are Janssen BioCork, Shire Pharmaceuticals (Dublin) and Dublin Waste To Energy, Alexion Pharmaceutical in Dublin and Athlone, Tippo International, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Griffols Pharmaceutical. Student accommodation in Cork and working a couple of data Centres.

SIAC Roofing and Cladding employ 25 direct staff and use the most modern technology to design their projects with auto cad, 3D modelling and number of the architectural technicians have now completed new levels for BIM just to name some of the processes used at the design stage.

“Our design team are very experienced we have been using BIM now for several years, while other companies have only started using it in more recent years. We have constantly invest heavily in training and up skilling to keep ahead.

“All our direct labour (73) are very experienced and highly trained, while the sub-contractors we use know exactly what we expect from them following in house training and inductions to enable everyone to deliver a successful project every time. Some of the direct labour employed would be third generation as their fathers and grandfathers also work here, so even though, it is a corporate company, there is very much a family feel to it.”

Alan did admit that there is an ongoing issue in the building industry that many companies are experiencing and that is the shortage of skilled workers.

“There is a massive shortage of skilled workers in the industry at the moment. A lot would have left the country when the recession hit, while more choose different career paths. Apprentices are almost a thing of the past and it is now cheaper to bring in labour from abroad. Experienced guys are not benefiting since the pay-bands are narrowed. They have become too close now and there is little reward for a guy with say ten years’ experience, as a guy starting off won’t be making much less than him, so there is no sense in that and it’s a situation that needs to be addressed.”

Alan stressed that despite having a number of projects ongoing, they are continuously looking for work and are not afraid to look abroad.

“The construction industry in Ireland can only sustain so much work and we are very conscious of that as the current market is flooded with roofing and cladding contractors at all levels. To survive you need to keep looking for opportunities and ideas to key you ahead of your competitors.

SIAC have always provide themselves on their health and safety record and this is an area that is invested heavily in with three health and safety officers employed and significant investment on training for every employee direct and sub-contractors.

Our commitment to safety and seen us deliver over nine and a half years without a reportable accident (Over 2.3million man hours without a reportable accident) and we are also member of National Irish Safety Organisation – to which we have been awarded the All Ireland specialist Safety Contractor Award and several awards at different levels.

As stated quality assurance is another key pillar of the operation and an area that garners a lot of attention from the company as they strive to comply with all regulations. Every site starts with a Quality Induction before any person is left work on the site. The goal is to use the first day on the site for training in SIAC systems of work and educating the work force to avoid issues at the back end of the project.

“These management systems ensure that clients’ requirements are met and that this can be demonstrated at any point in a project. The company has been independently accredited to the standard. In addition to rigorous external auditing by independent accreditation bodies, there is an on-going process of internal auditing at project and at head-office level to keep raising the standards.

“As part of this process we formally assess our suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure that the service they provide is also in compliance with our clients’ requirements.

“We are constantly adapting our processes and procedures in response to the changing business climate and the development of our business. Our senior management is committed to developing staff through a formal programme of continuous professional development (CPD), which is itself subject to external oversight by the relevant professional bodies.”

Contact Details:

Alan Ahern – Managing Director

SIAC Roofing & Cladding Ltd.

SIAC House

Ballycureen Cross


T12 P4AY

Phone:  0214311322

[email protected]


Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, December 2018, Vol 4 No 11