Safety first

27 Jun , 2019  

The Heath and Safety Authority have carried out many investigations/studies as to what are the biggest cause of fatal accidents on building sites and they always come back with the same result that falls from heights are the number one contributor to these fatalities.

Indeed, falls from heights are also the second biggest cause of serious injury in the workplace and that covers a wider range of injuries.

When working at heights, safety has to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds and thankfully we are gradually getting around to that way of thinking. This is down to the hard work of safety officers, H&S protocol and a number of issues that insist good safety and health practices are always carried out.

More and more companies have bought into the safety and health culture, especially those working at heights and for this month’s edition of Building Ireland, we profile a company that has had safety as their number one priority for many years now.

Based in Swinford, Co Mayo,  MD Roof Services is a leading Irish roof maintenance and safety company, who are the sole suppliers of the Lite-cover™. They also supply, install and maintain a wide range of roof safety equipment including superior fall protection systems.

As a company offering their services nationwide, they have worked on many projects around the country and always have the same ethos that they carry out the work to the highest quality possible while doing all in a safe environment.

MD Roof Services Health & Safety Advisor Stephen Birrane spoke to Building Ireland about their high regard for safety and health which has been recognised at national level.

“My role sees me working with our clients and the employees on all health and safety matters. From pre-planning right through to the end of the project, the safety aspect is taken in consideration,” said Stephen.

“Working at heights brings about its own safety issues and all our employees receive through safety training on commencement of works within the organisation. Information and training is a major aspect of the business from management right down to new employees starting.”

Stephen added that the majority of the training is carried out in-house and this way everyone is on the same page when it comes to learning what the company are trying to get across.

“Employees are trained specifically for their work. There is a large multidisciplinary team here within the organisation, many of whom have been with the company for years and every member of the team knows the role they play when it comes to safety and health matters.”

The company’s attention to detail with regards to all aspects not least safety matters is regularly recognised at safety awards and recently they were winners once again at the NISO awards.

“It is always nice to be recognised for what we do, We set targets and we achieve them. Both directors of the company are very much involved in the health and safety and they have pushed this as much as anyone.”

The company offers a diverse range of industrial roofing services, ranging from roof repairs to Industrial units and warehouses including flat roofing, pitched roofing, steel cladding and decorative wall cladding.

“We cover composite, built up systems, and refurbishments of asbestos cladding, standing seam, over cladding and repair works including relining and replacing gutters and rainwater systems.”

Maintenance is a key area of the business also and they provide full maintenance contracts for roofs, including cleaning, thorough documented inspections, inclusive repairs, advice and costings as required.

Lite-cover™ is an innovative new rooflight protection system designed and marketed by MD Roof Services to cover fragile rooflights, ensuring that they are left safe. The Lite-cover™ offers building owners: Peace of mind that their roof is a safer place for employees; Compliance with HSA Code of Practice, Part 4.7.1., Sept 2011; A product that will prevent costly accidents; But most of all, Lite-cover™ offers a product that will save lives. Lite-cover™ has achieved A rating when tested to standard ACR[M]0001:2005 and has passed the 1200 Joules European test.

“We have a portfolio which can eliminate many of the risks that are still taken every day by people working at heights,” stressed Stephen.

“The Lite-CoverTM was designed with safety in mind and it has achieved an A rating on this standard and when fitted gives you peace of mind that your workplace is a safe environment.”

As stated, many of the employees are there years and highly trained in their area of expetise, especially the installers, who are highly experienced and fully trained in all aspects of flat and low slope roofing.

“We are approved installers of a wide range of top quality products including felt, PVC, EPDM and a range of liquid systems. We also carry out specialist works on new buildings as required.”

Contact Details:

MD Roof Services

Chapel Street,


Co. Mayo,

F12 YE14

Tel: 01 4433 223 / 094 9252 492

E-mail: [email protected]

Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, March/April, Vol 5 No 3