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25 Jul , 2019  

Dungan Electrical Services is a high-quality commercial and industrial electrical engineering contractor that has been providing exceptional solutions for 33 years and counting. Building Ireland touched base with director John Dungan to find out more about this long-serving family business.

Providing the complete range of bespoke commercial and industrial electrical contracting services – from design through to installation, finish and maintenance – Dungan Electrical Services has decades of experience delivering professional solutions on projects large and small, equally proficient in new builds and upgrades.

The genesis of this superb family business goes back to the 1950s, when co-founder Sean Dungan joined one of the  countries largest electrical contracting operations at the time. “Dungan Electrical Services was established in 1986 by my father, Sean, and myself,” reflects co-founder John Dungan.

“Prior to that, he was a partner in O’Doherty Electrical, which was established in 1953 and was one of the oldest contractors in the country. He joined them in 1957 and stayed there until 1984 when a director retired and the company was subsequently dissolved.”

O’Doherty Electrical had grown into a largescale, industry-leading company, synonymous with working on major projects across the capital including AIB Headquarters Ballsbridge, the Royal Hospital Kilmainham and various high-profile business premises, public buildings and hospitals. “They installed the first high-mast lights at Ballymun Towers in 1969 and we still specialise in that line of work today,” John notes.

“But, from the off, we had no desire to become anywhere near as big again. Our aim was to set up a family business, with the same core of staff, who in many regards are now part of the family as well. We’re more than happy to keep it small and close-knit and to be able to offer our customers a strong personal touch.”

For over 30 years now, Dungan Electrical Services has had a strong presence in and around Dublin Port, working both directly for the Dublin Port Company and  for a who’s who of main contractors, including the likes of L&M Keating Ltd., Roadbridge, Kilwex, Murphy International Ltd, SIAC, Hegarty Demolition Ltd as well as a number of operators in Dublin Port such as DFT, Irish Ferries, Doyle Shipping Group, Seatruck and Stena. Continuing on from O’Doherty Electrical, the OPW are also long standing customers of DES. “We have a base in the Port, as a large amount of our work is done  there.  Under the Dublin Port Master Plan a  lot of major redevelopment is taking place currently.” John confirms.

“We find that Dublin Port is a great environment to operate in. Our work there can be very varied, from general electrics to specialist works such as the installation of a new electric RTG for DFT, which was from crane assembly all the way to the MV connections and new MV transformer installation.”

Direct employment is generated from a full-time crew of nine, the majority of whom have been working long-term for Dungan Electrical Services. “All the staff work very well together and communicate with each other and with the customer so that everybody knows exactly what’s going on. If there’s a problem, we sort it out there and then.

“Our men are professional and dependable and the staff have to care as much about the work as I do. Thankfully, that is the case Simon Reede, Site Manager and Niall McEvoy are both with the company more  than 20 years and they are two great men, while the rest of the lads are hopefully also here for the long haul.”

With IT, compliance with correct procedures and strict adherence to Health & Safety becoming increasingly important, Dungan Electrical Services has moved with the times to ensure the delivery of thoroughly professional and reliable electrical contracting solutions. Keeping up to speed with what’s happening in the industry is a prerequisite. To this end, Sean Dungan is a former president of the Association of Electrical Contractors Ireland (AECI) and served as vice-chairman of RECI (the Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland), while John is currently on the AECI committee.

“A large proportion of our work is external,” he continues. “We do a lot of high-mast lighting, reefer installations and marine work. We carry out internal work too, for example, we recently did two  refits for Dublin Port Company’s offices. We also work closely with the maintenance and service department in Dublin Port, where they have their own electricians and tradesmen but use our services when required.    At present, some of the jobs we’re working on are a RoRo pontoon, a new terminal yard and an office refit.” 

A 24-hour support service is provided. “The phone is always switched on and customers can contact me any time,” says John.

Business is brisk at present, which is no mean feat considering that the construction industry in Ireland was brought to its knees just over a decade ago. “We’ve been back up to full capacity again for the last couple of years,” says John. “We managed to hold it together during the recession by sticking with our core customers. We didn’t neglect them during the boom times, when the phone was ringing all the time. Our established customers have always been an important part of the business and we’ve always looked after them as a priority. Now that they are very busy again, it’s being passed down the line and we are benefitting.”

The order book for the first half of 2019 is full and John says it is exceptional to have so much work in the pipeline. But consolidation is the aim going forward, as the team at Dungan Electrical Services will continue to focus strongly on maintaining the high-quality service levels for which they are renowned.

“Our objective from the beginning has always been to provide a good service to select customers,” John concludes. “We never wanted to get back into the rat-race world of large contracting. At the size we’re at now, we can deliver a job well done. Being a small contractor suits me as we can provide a personal touch and control the quality.”

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Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, May, Vol 5 No 4