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16 Oct , 2019  

Established 35 years, Faughnan Construction Ltd continues to specialise in new builds and one off houses all around the Midlands region. Founder and Managing Director Pat Faughnan told Building Ireland all about the business and what they’ve been up to lately.

Business has been thriving as of late at Faughnan Construction Ltd and the hope for Pat Faughnan and Co is that the trend continues.

The Longford-based company has been busy around the country’s Midlands region for the past couple years now, as it nears closer and closer to four decades in existence.

Pat Faughnan himself was good enough to give Building Ireland the lowdown on what his business is all about and what they’ve been up to as of late when we caught up with him recently.

“We’re based here just outside of Drumlish in Co Longford,” Pat outlined. “We’re on the go now roughly 35 years and we have 20 staff.

“Seven of those would be directly employed and the rest are all subbies. I’ve two family members involved – my sons Stephen and David Faughnan.”

Since its inception in 1984, Faughnan Construction Ltd has grown to provide its clients with a number of different services and today it specialises in all New Builds, One Off Houses, Ground Works and, of course, Plant and Civil works.

Offering these services has helped to grow the company year on year to the point where it’s at today, being as busy it has ever been.

Pat is proud of the work that they do at Faughnan Construction Ltd day in, day out, but it’s all far cry from when he first started out in the construction game.

“I started off doing block work and then as the years went past we started getting more and more into civils and into new builds,” he said.

“The business grew and thankfully we’re busy with a couple of different projects right now and hopefully have a few more down the line as well.”

He added: “Business has actually been good around the Midlands. We’ve a good bit of private work on too as well, so we can’t complain.”

Last year saw Faughnan Construction working on a €6.7million housing scheme at the Knock Manor estate in Co Longford.

The Lanesboro housing scheme was a 33-house social housing project which was delivered by Faughnan Construction and the Mulleady Properties in just under 12 months at a cost of €6.47million.

Funded by the Minister’s Department through Rebuilding Ireland, the project was essentially an unfinished estate and the roads/ paths around the site were laid out but the construction of the houses never proceeded, leaving the prepared site unresolved.

The completed project consisted of 33 newly built family homes, including 12 two-bedroom homes, 15 three-bedroom homes and six four-bedroom homes.

Speaking at the launch, Minister Eoghan Murphy stated: “I am delighted to see this completed housing project here today in Longford. This is a substantial scheme consisting of 33 New Social Housing Homes.

“I am delighted that this scheme has already provided homes to 30 families in the area with a further three families to receive their keys shortly. I understand that 33 families including some 40 children will benefit from this scheme.”

Pat himself was proud of the work his company carried out and reserved some praise for the clients on the project itself.

“The build would have started on April 16, 2018 and we completed it in February 2019,” stated the Managing Director.

“It was 33 units and we worked alongside Longford County Council for the project. We have to give them a bit of praise they were great to work with and we were also very happy to work with Mulleady Properties on the project as well.

“It officially opened in April and everyone has been happy with it.”

Since completing work on the Lanesboro housing scheme, Faughnan Construction has been immersed on a new project in the town of Granard which is 22 units.

“The plan is to have it finished by the end of the year and hopefully we’ll have a few more local projects lined up for the start of 2020.”

Business is indeed thriving and the plan if to keep moving forward with a new decade just around the corner.

If you ask Pat what the secret to success for his firm has been over these past 35 years, he’ll point to two business qualities in particular which helps to see clients coming back.

Repeat business has been essential to the success of Faughnan Construction, as its Managing Director concluded:

“Competitive prices, for one thing, is why clients are choosing is and the fact that we give a good service. If there’s a problem we go and sort it out for you but, first and foremost, the price has to be right or you won’t get it.”

So if it’s New Builds, One Off Houses, Ground Works or Plant and Civil works you’re looking for around the Midlands, look no further than Faughnan Construction Ltd in Killnashee.

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Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, July, Vol 5 No 7