6 Jan , 2020  

Technology has seen the construction and installation of flat roofs change dramatically over the years whether it be in commercial, industrial or residential sectors.

Longer lasting products are being manufactured now that not only enhance the lifespan of a flat roof, but health wise there has also been marked improvement to what was used in the past.

In Ireland, there are a number of companies that specialise in supplying flat roofing systems, but few can match the company we profile for this month’s edition of Building Ireland.

QBM is a Dublin based company that has become a market leader in supplying top quality flat roofing materials and flat roofing systems to an extensive customer base across Ireland and the UK. 

Simply put when it comes to flat roofs, QBM have the answer. Their ability to continue producing a high level of service through their commitment to quality and ability to deliver on their customers’ expectations have enhanced QBM’s reputation since they were first established in 2012.

QBM cover all roofing requirements across a number of sectors including commercial, residential, green, modular and metal roofing, airtight membranes and tapes, roof repairs and rainwater systems.

Seven years is a relatively short time in business terms, but QBM have made significant strides since owner David Butler first began operations in Baldoyle. Establishing a business that was going to rely on the construction industry for a lot of its business, during the last recession was a brave decision by David, but one that he has never regretted.

“I had a background in the industry having worked for a previous roofing company, so I had a number of contacts, but yes it was difficult at the start and it took a while to source work, but we were fortunate to get one or two significant projects and that really helped us find our feet,” said David.

The company MD pointed out that ensuring customer satisfaction has always been one of their top priorities and he feels that this has stood to them over the years.

“We have developed a significant customer base in the past few years. In all walks of business, you have to earn a customers’ trust and fortunately for us, we have been meeting and exceeding our customers’ demands.”

David revealed that the products are sourced mainly from Europe’s leading manufacturers and no corners are cut when it comes to sourcing the best materials.

“Our products are brought in from Europe and the USA and are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers. We are committed to proving quality products at a competitive price and our customers know they will be getting a good deal from us.  Our main focus has been on providing Environmentally friendly roofing systems.  “For example, our Firestone EPDM roofing membrane from the States and our Rhepanol HFK roofing membranes from Germany are both inert roofing membranes.  This means that these membranes have no harmful toxins or chemicals in them.  They are manufactured with zero harmful impact on the environment.  As these membranes are inert it means to do not leach any chemicals during the lifetime of the membrane, this means that these products have extremely long-life expectancies.  Run-off water from roofs covered with these membranes is safe for re use, this gives our clients more options with their roofs should they decide to collect the rain-water from their flat roofs at some point in the future.”

QBM are continually investing in the business and the recent acquisition of a profiling and bending machine allows them to profile more of their products to suit their customers’ needs. The company have also adopted a number of specialist agencies enabling them to expand their brand portfolio for their customers.

“Investing in the business is something that we have always done. You have to move with the times and to do that you have to keep investing, otherwise you will be left behind in the market.”

Accreditation wise, QBM are unrivalled in this sector as they have numerous certifications which allows them carry out their work to the highest standard possible. QBM have a huge amount of systems with FM approval and this is the independent testing arm of international insurance carrier, FM Global. FM approvals uses scientific research and testing to make sure products conform to the highest standards for safety and property loss prevention. Products that pass get the “FM APPROVED” mark. The company’s workload has been expanded to the U.K in recent years where they have opened an office in London and carried out work for the likes of IKEA, while in Ireland, they can list Tesco as one of their customers.  “Fortunately, we have landed some big contracts with some large multinational companies, this has helped us to expand our business”

All flat roofing systems come with a comprehensive warranty that gives the client peace of mind in the knowledge that in the unlikely event of a problem arising, the issue will be taken care of by the QBM team. Working closely with architects, engineers and the client helps QBM get a better understanding of what products best suit a particular job. It also gives them the ability to understand the requirements of the project guaranteeing that they complete a project on time and within budget a key factor to their success to date.

“Our aim is to understand what the requirements of the project are by working closely with the client. This allows our design team to develop solutions that allows the client to choose what they feel is the best way forward for them.”

David is pleased with the direction of the business and he admitted that they are always looking at ways of improving their service, while continuing to invest in other aspects and expand their product portfolio for the ever-developing roofing industry.

“You have to keep trying to improve. This is a competitive industry and if you rest on your laurels at all, you will be left behind in the market. We place a huge emphasis on innovative   investments, and if there is an area that we feel we can improve on we will find a way to make it happen. I’m very happy with the way the business is going, we have come a long way in the last seven years and hopefully we can continue to grow in the years to come.”

For more information on QBM’s Flat Roofing Systems contact a member of their technical support team on the details below, and they will be more than happy to not only provide you with a very competitive quotation but also with as much technical and product advice.

Contact Details:

Quality Building Materials

Grange Avenue,

Baldoyle Industrial Estate,

Dublin 13


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +353 01 839 11 70


Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, September, Vol 5 No 9