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25 Jan , 2021  

Benny Kennedy Contracts Ltd has been supplying a top-quality service to their customer base for the past 18 years and the fact that they seldom travel outside a certain radius suggest they are the go to building company in their area.

Based in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Benny Kennedy has been operating the business for the past eighteen years as they provide such services as new builds, restoration, renovations and farm work.

They have been consistently busy over the years and the fact that their work covers a radius roughly 30 miles suggests that their reputation precedes them.

As a CIRI member for the past six years, the company has set high standards that they continually maintain much to the delight of their clients.

“We would never have advertised or do social media of any kind,” said Benny. “Through word of mouth has been our best form of advertising and that has kept us going since I started in 2002.

“The majority of our work comes through architects, most of who we have done work for on numerous projects over the years and they seem happy with what we do and that is the main thing.”

Providing a turnkey service on new builds, Benny Kennedy Contracts Ltd really are the company to turn to when building in the southern county.

As a privately owned contractor, the highly skilled team has worked together to ensure that every aspect of a project is given the necessary attention in order for the work to be completed to an unrivalled standard.

The company’s ethos is their ability to tailor their services to the changing needs of their clients and this is what makes them what they are today. They will build upon their existing reputation for their tailored service, while continually strengthening their competitive advantage by growing and adapting to the ever-changing market conditions.

“We set ourselves very high standards and our clients expect those standards to be met on every project, which we are delighted to say we do. We never got too big and I think that has stood us in good stead over the years. We are happy with our workload, which generally sees us with eight or nine jobs ongoing at all times.”

The company’s commitment to delivering value, service and innovative solutions to each of their clients’ needs has seen their reputation in the market place rise considerably over the years.

Throughout this time, Benny Kennedy Contracts Ltd professionalism, reliability, responsiveness and total commitment to their customer’s service while handling complex construction projects and delivering within budget and on time has been met with a renowned thumbs up from all of their clients.

The company’s vision is to redefine what their client should expect. “There are five employed direct, all of who are highly skilled and well trained at what they do. The employees would have many years’ service with us. We would use recognised sub-contractors who are now part of the team and know the way we work and all this together helps us exceed the clients’ expectations.”

Benny Kennedy Contracts Ltd is a client driven company. Since the recession, they have grown year on year. It was a difficult decade before that, but they are happy with the direction of the company.

“Continued growth in a measured manner is the way forward. I don’t think anyone wants to see a return to the way it was, but a sustained industry where everyone grows.”

In 2015, Benny invested heavily in the business with the acquisition in his own machinery, which he feels has been hugely beneficial to the business.

“Owning our own machinery has made a big difference as we can do so much more ourselves. It was a big investment, but you have to be continuously invest in the business.”

Benny points to one area of concern within the industry and that is the lack of skilled workers available since the recession gripped the nation back in the late noughties.

“There is a shortage of skilled workers in the industry. Most left the country when the recession came and they haven’t returned. The rates haven’t improved much and until that start to happen, it is unlikely they will return. It is an issue that needs to be addressed and handled carefully.”

So can Benny see the current upturn in the construction industry sustaining itself for the foreseeable future? “I can’t to be honest,” was his direct reply. “I think next year in particular, the banks will slow down on releasing money and with the cost of building going up, we are in for a lull at some stage and I think it will be sooner rather than later.

“There is a lot of uncertainty out there at the moment between Covid-19 and Brexit, and it could be a lot harder to get work in the future.”

Benny does feel that the wide range of services and industries that they work in allows them to attract all sorts of work.

“We work in all industries, recently, we have been involved in a school project where we were concreting, colour wet-pour with graphics, and putting in Mulch surfaces on their playground”, while we have a number of one-off houses on the go. We were kept going during the recession, so hopefully that will continue to be the case if another slow down does occur in the near future.”

Contact Details:

Benny Kennedy Contracts Ltd



Co Tipperary

Phone: 087 2055929

Email: [email protected]

This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, September/October, Vol 6 No 5