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4 Apr , 2019  

Since its inception in 1995, Builders Hoists Ltd. has been providing a complete range of personnel and material hoists to construction and refurbishment projects nationwide. Building Ireland spoke to founder / proprietor Tommy Peate to find out more about the industry-leading products and services provided by his upwardly-mobile company, which continues to reach new heights.

As developments rise higher and higher, convenient and efficient access is an increasingly important prerequisite that must be considered by main contractors undertaking any work above ground-floor level, particularly in built-up areas where space is at an absolute premium. For 23 years and counting, Builders Hoist Ltd. has been providing outstanding solutions to a veritable who’s who of main contractors working on landmark projects throughout the capital and island-wide.

Builders Hoists excels in the design, supply and installation of a comprehensive selection of material and passenger hoists as well as mast climbing work platforms, priding themselves on offering imaginative, innovative and tailor-made solutions to access problems that cannot be solved using the standard approach and equipment.

They stock goods only / passenger only and a combination of goods and passenger hoists as required, providing a range of hoists with varying cage sizes, loading capacities and lifting speeds, culminating in maximum productivity on all contracts large and small.

Proven to cut labour costs as well as shortening production times, their mast climbing work platforms grant fast and efficient access, representing a superior alternative to traditional scaffolding for cladding and glazing work, for example. Providing maximum convenience, they can be erected and dismantled in a fraction of the time required to put up / take down conventional scaffolding.

Over the decades, Builders Hoists have been involved in a wide range of projects from multi-storey tower blocks to underground shafts. They work with customers to formulate and implement their access requirements in a practical way which will improve the construction programme.

Fronted by a dedicated team of experienced and highly-trained personnel who will find the best solution for even the most challenging projects, they offer a complete range of specialist machines to suit all applications, from simple scaffold and gantry hoists to high-capacity travel platforms.

Suspended cradles – work platforms hung from a height which can be raised and lowered by powered winches – are perfect for a variety of works such as cleaning, maintaining and installation on any building or structure. These are ideal when access is restricted at ground level or if the work is out of reach of traditional methods such as cherry pickers or MEWPs.

Meanwhile, loading decks provide a safe and efficient means of loading and removing materials to and from a site where space and access are limited. The fixed platform deck provides an excellent means of access for goods and equipment to the work floor, while the rolling platform can be extended and retracted into the face of the building, allowing access to several levels if required.

On all projects undertaken, Builders Hoists work hand in hand with the client to achieve solutions that are both effective and competitively-priced.

At the time of writing, Tommy Peate and his 25-strong team were engaged on projects the length and breadth of the country, including work at UCC, a number of jobs in the capital (the new air traffic control tower at Dublin Airport and a couple of sites in Sandyford) in additions to numerous developments at a variety of locations for pharmaceutical companies.

“We’ve been growing steadily since we started up,” he confirms. “We have up to 100 machines here which are capable of going up to heights of 100-150 metes. The hoists and platforms are hired to the construction trade all over the country and we install, maintain and service them.”

Reflecting on the genesis of the business, the personable proprietor explains: “I was a plant fitter by trade and I saw an opening in the market for these platforms, which were very popular in the UK but not so much here at the time as the buildings weren’t as high. But, as the buildings here got higher, it took off.”

Tommy got in at the right time and has grown the business on the basis of the excellent products, personnel and services provided, benefiting from a high level of repeat business and customer satisfaction. Down through the years, he’s provided access equipment to a long list of major projects nationwide including Dublin’s tallest structure at Capital Dock, countless projects in the IFSC, the Old Central Bank and the Central Plaza on Dame Street, Dublin Landings on North Wall Quay, Dublin Airport, Cork Airport, Cork County Hall, Edenderry Power Station and a highly specialised contract working on Covanta’s Dublin Waste-to-Energy project at Poolbeg, to mention a small selection.

An extremely flexible service is available from Ireland’s premier provider of hoists and platforms, including 24/7 back-up. The fact that Builders Hoists Ltd. boasts an unblemished, uninterrupted track record of working regularly for all the leading main contractors speaks for itself.

“When a customer contacts us, we discuss what solution will best match their exact needs, then design, supply and install the machine for them. We’re here to look after customers and to provide the best possible service.”

Builders Hoists provide an unbeatable customer support service, having invested heavily in a dedicated fleet of support vehicles and equipment.  Service is at the forefront of the business and their experienced, constantly-upskilled team of engineers, fitters and drivers are ready to respond immediately and effectively to customer needs.

Needless to say, when working with heights, Health & Safety – of employees, client’s employees and the general public – is a priority in everything Builders Hoists Ltd. does as a company, with all training carried out by approved operators and full operator training also delivered to clients before they operate the equipment supplied.

“Health & Safety is a major consideration as this work is classified as high risk. When you’re working at heights, it comes with the territory. It doesn’t matter whether you are working 100 feet off the ground or two feet off the ground, we apply the same stringent safety standards,” notes Tommy.

A recent upturn in construction means these are busy times for Builders Hoists Ltd., whose hoists and platforms offer a lifting capacity from 200kg up to three tonnes (or more, if required). “You know times are busy when you see the competition coming back in again,” Tommy concludes. “But competition is good as it keeps you on your toes.”

Besides, Builders Hoists have a head start on the competition as they’ve been focussed exclusively on this specialised market for the best part of a quarter of a century. The business remains on an upward trajectory and the sky is – quite literally – the limit.

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Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, December 2018, Vol 4 No 11