ODOS: A leading light in the field of architecture

25 Nov , 2020  

Office of David O’Shea (ODOS) is an architecture and interior design practice, specialising in everything from residential to commercial interiors. It was set up nearly 20 years ago in the heart of Dublin’s City Centre and has since branched out to London and New York City due to their success.

Established in 2002 by David O’Shea, ODOS is now based in Dublin, London and New York. The company believes that buildings need to inspire their occupants and is wholly interested in the realisation of contemporary architecture in response to various social and cultural influences.

David describes their style as contemporary, varying from project to project. They approach each task with fresh ideas and put a modern twist on traditional design.

“Since we were established almost 18 years ago, we have developed a diverse client base and realised a broad range of projects covering a variety of scales and functions,” said David.

One of the reasons for their success is their ability to work hand in hand with the client and use their experience to produce an end result that everyone is more than pleased with.

“We work with a much-varied client base from residential developers and boutique hoteliers to private domestic Clients. As consummate designers, we always try to meet our clients expectations head on, challenging their expectations, guiding them through the excitement of their building journey.

“We like to work closely with our clients and to develop an understanding and create a building that is shaped around their needs. As a result, we like to offer an in-depth service that begins at the inception of a project and continues right through the lifetime of the build.”

David added: “We approach each design exercise as a collaborative effort, one that demands an intimate understanding of both Client and Brief before the design process can begin. By working this closely with our Clients, we hope to instil a sense of curiosity and excitement, stimulating a response and confronting some of the more restrictive prejudices and traditional preconceptions of contemporary architecture.”

Another level that the company’s success can be gauged on is the amount of awards that they have had over the years with the list growing year on year.

ODOS picked up the prestigious Architectural Practice of the Year award at the Building & Architect of the Year Awards 2018 in October. 2019 saw ODOS on the winners’ podium again for their work on the Masonry which saw them pick up the Conservation award at the Fit Out awards and in the over €5m project at the Building & Architect of the Year Awards.

“I think this is the third year in a row that we have been successful. It is always nice to pick up awards and get the recognition for our work from our peers.”

Iconic Offices, the State’s largest flexible workspace provider, invested more than €500,000 in building a cafe and restaurant at one of its Dublin facilities, marking a departure from its previous strategy of simply offering workspace.

The company, which has a portfolio of 16 office locations, opened Vandal Cafe and Restaurant at the Masonry, its 65,000sq ft development in Dublin’s Liberties.

Iconic has redeveloped a former grain store to create the restaurant which includes a heated outdoor area. The Masonry, has the capacity for 900 workers over five floors of offices. The building connects Georgian-style office space to a former warehouse in what was previously the headquarters of IAWS, now a part of Cuisine de France owner, Aryzta.

“The concept for this project was to expose and embrace the existing building aesthetic, keeping materials, spaces and the buildings historical elements intact. Sympathetic interventions were made, and the quirks within the building have been accented. Artwork has been implemented throughout to bring an element of enjoyment.

“The colourful and contemporary furniture selection gives a nod to classic design. Salvaged items of furniture were reinserted into the proposal, maintaining elements of the buildings industrial past. Once a building used for rational labour, 151-156 Thomas Street is now an interior marvel, enhancing inspiration and productivity.”

Dave describes each project as a surrogacy in where the project is their baby until time to hand it over, such is the passion that they have for their work.

“We have assembled an excellent team here who are all driven and determined to produce the best work possible. Working together as a unit is imperative. I am very much hands on and would be involved in all projects.

“As designers, we aspire to a simplicity distilled from a core concept, itself a product of both brief and site. We work to develop these concepts with an honesty and transparency and through the careful arrangement and detailing of materials, this process culminates in the creation of specifically detailed structures with a clear relationship to their specific context.”

Five years ago, the London office was opened to cater for their workload in the U.K, while two years later, ODOS New York began operations as the company expands worldwide.

“We have experienced growth year on year for the past few years, yet we are conscious that we don’t want to outgrow ourselves. We are developing a number of exciting large projects in the UK, US and Portugal also. Our aim is to just keep working away and ensuring that our clients are satisfied with the work that we do.”

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, May/June 2020, Vol 6 No 3