Major award for Darkin Electrical

13 May , 2019  

There was delight for Darkin Electrical at the 2018 EIFI Electrical Industrial Awards Lunch which took place in the Red Cow Moran Hotel on September 21 last when the Dublin-based company was named the AECI (Association of Electrical Contractors of Ireland) Innovative Electrical Contractor of the Year.

Darren Kinsella was thrilled to receive the prestigious award on behalf of his burgeoning company, which he set up in 2006. Ironically, his former employer, Harry Shiels of H Shiels, was also honoured with the Electrical Contractor of the Year Award at the same event.

“I learned my trade with Harry and continue to keep in close contact with him. This award means a lot to Darkin. We were close to winning the Electrical Contractor of the Year Award last year. It’s great recognition and reflects well on the quality of our service and the professionalism of our staff,” the 39-year-old managing director says.

A registered member of Safe Electric, AECI and ECSSA, the Darkin Group operates from Greenogue Business Park in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin and offers a nationwide service in Ireland and the UK. As well as providing electrical contracting and maintenance services, Darkin specialises in EV charging solutions for the electric vehicle industry. Darkin has the experience in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors to carry out the design to your specific needs from scratch to a full electrical installation, including commissioning, maintenance and the installation of charger units.

“We offer services and benefits that no other electrical contracting company can do. We use only the best products and take immense pride in our work,” Darren proudly states.

“Our high-tech electrical installation offers quality, safety, ease of use and is energy efficient. We offer turnkey solutions, including design, manufacture and installation.”

Comprising the recently-formed Darkin Ltd and Darkin EV (Electric Vehicle), the Group boasts a 20-strong team of electricians who have vast experience working in medium-to-large electrical firms such as Mercury Engineering, CJ Ryders, Kirby Electrical, Apex Fire and the aforementioned H Shiels. Among the Group’s key personnel are Darren Kinsella (managing director), Jim Kinsella (chartered safety consultant), Peter Brennan (energy consultant – Smart Power), Patrick Taylor (maintenance manager), David Dunning (projects manager), Lean Human (technical manager) and Kevin Hoare (electrical foreman / engineer).

“We reward our staff for their achievements, sometimes with a stake in the company,” explains Darren, whose nickname in school was ‘Darkin’.

“Our maintenance manager Patrick Taylor, who was the first apprentice I had, is now a 10% shareholder in Darkin Ltd. Since Patrick became maintenance manager, it has allowed me to focus more on the EV side of things, which is a growing area for us. David Dunning recently joined us from Carra because he could see the potential in Darkin EV and our car charging solutions. He has over 30 years’ experience in the business.

“We see ourselves as a proactive company as much as a reactive company. I’m intrigued by the whole science behind electricity and am always trying to further my knowledge, as are all the staff. I’m more practical-based that theory-based.

“Our service is second to none. We have three electricians called ‘floaters’ who are available 24/7 and don’t know where they’ll be from one day to the next. We have stock in store which dates back to 30 or 40 years ago. We get a lot of recommendations through word of mouth and enjoy an excellent working relationship with our clients, suppliers and manufacturers.”

He continues: “We invest heavily in technology and training. We mightn’t always be the cheapest, but we’re the best at what we do.”

The Darkin Group implements quality control on all contracts. The basic goal of quality control is to ensure that the products, services or processes provided meet specific requirements and are dependable, satisfactory and fiscally sound. The Group’s quality control involves the examination of the products and materials that it purchases and identifying products or services that do not meet specified standards of quality.

Clients of the Darkin Group include: Jury’s Inn Hotel Group; Gala Retail Group; Macari / Romayo’s Group; Donohue Properties; Windsor Motor Group; Eddie Rockets Group; Irish Stair Lifts; Mill Centre, Clondalkin; Charlestown Shopping Centre; HWBC Group; Radisson Blu Hotel Group; UL Arena, Limerick; Michael Tynan Motors; Jones Engineering Group; Core Estate Management Company; Defence Forces (Baldonnel Aerodome).

Driven by the demand for charging facilities to support the fast growing popularity of electrical vehicles, Darkin EV focuses on the advice, supply and installation of the developing EV charging requirements for home, work and public environments. Appointed to lead this exciting new venture, David Dunning brings a weather of experience and technical knowledge to the role. His commitment to customer service and support within the innovative culture of Darkin Electrical will create a combination that will give customers confidence in this new field of business.

Darkin EV describes itself as a progressive company, offering advice, solutions and a wide range of EV Charger units for domestic use, commercial use and for fleet management. It is not only focused on the supply and installation of EV Charger units, but is also involved with the consultancy and educational side of the EV charger industry.

“We are looking to explain the process, and benefits of the E-car revolution. We know there is a cagey outlook to the owning of an electric car, but once it’s explained to people, and people are educated about the idea, they come round quickly and go for it,” Darren explains.

“We are currently working with a pharmaceutical company in Dublin, offering an open day presentation on the E-car and the EV chargers. With Nissan and Hyundai involved, there will be test drives and a presentation, with a Q&A afterwards. This is something we would like to see more of, and we are willing to visit other such establishments in the future.”

Darkin EV installs both GARO and EC Charging car chargers. Built with Futuresmart™ Technology, GARO is the Nordic region’s market leading manufacturer and supplier of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Using their extensive experience, expertise and innovation, GARO offer a uniquely wide range of charging stations. From the adaptable Wall Mounted Charger through to their public use Street Chargers and high-performance Fast DC Chargers, GARO offer a charging solution to suit each setting. GARO’s product development team are continually developing and enhancing their electric vehicle charging range to meet the future requirements of their customers.

EC Charging is Ireland’s only electric vehicle charge point manufacturer. Based in Dublin, they develop and manufacture a range of EV charging equipment and related software products for both the domestic and commercial markets. An original supplier to the ESB E-cars rollout charging equipment and building on a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability, EC Charging has gone on to supply markets in the UK, Europe and the UAE.

In an era of environmental awareness and rising fuel costs, EV is a rapidly growing green sector focused on sustainable energy, air quality and reducing CO2 emissions.

Darkin Group

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Co. Dublin.

Telephone: +353 (1) 4016746

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Web: www.darkinelectrical.ie

Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, January 2019, Vol 5 No 1