Longevity is the key for Goleen Developments

14 Sep , 2021  

Anyone involved in the construction industry will tell you that experience is a commodity that is invaluable as a reputation can be built on providing a quality service over many years.

For this month’s edition of Building Ireland, we profile a West Cork based builder whose experience in the building trade goes back decades and includes a number of recessions, booms and other economic issues.

Goleen Developments Ltd may be only in existence since 2005, but this family run business origins begin in 1972 when Michael and Anne O’Regan first set up a fledgling company.

For those who can’t remember back that far or who weren’t even born, the 1980s in particular were a bleak time in Ireland. Emigration was at possibly its highest since the 1960s as thousands left these shores for pastures new in place like the UK and the USA.

By this stage O’Regan Builders were well established and supplying such services as refurbishment, extensions, new houses, housing schemes and commercial buildings, and small civil engineering contracts.

As the years went by, Michael and Anne’s sons Diarmuid and Barry became involved in the business and it is the former who takes up the story and explains to us about how the business has survived so long.

Over the years, the O’Regan’s have developed a great working relationship with many of the sub-contractors that they use, most of which have been involved in projects that date back a number of years.

“Most of the subcontractors that we use would be working for us for a long time now. They know what we expect on a job and we know the work they can do. With our direct employees and subcontractors we can provide top quality works at all times,” says Diarmuid.

Based in Goleen, West Cork, the company has experienced many highs and lows during their 49 years in business. Diarmuid believes that being on site on a daily basis and watching quality has stood to the company.

“We never stretched ourselves too much as in we have never taken on jobs that we felt were beyond us. We have kept things tight and that has certainly stood to us. What we do suits us and why would we want to change from that? At any one time we may have up to twenty projects on the go.

“During the last recession, although other companies were letting people off we found we were looking for more employees, which again shows our reputation for doing quality work.”

The Covid pandemic has affected the construction industry greatly but hopefully will not have a lasting longterm effect.

There is no doubt that the building trade is reaching new levels once again, but there is always a fear that a repeat of the late 2000s may occur again, but those in the company feel that it is different this time around. To last so long in the business, Goleen Development Ltd are obviously doing something right and Diarmuid points out that producing high quality work on each and every project as well as working closely with the client are two of the main factors for their success.

“You are only as good as you last job in this industry. Most of our work would come through word of mouth and if you are not doing the work to the client’s standard, then they won’t be long in letting you know.

“That is why we work with the client hand in hand. We would carry them through the project and met them either weekly or fortnightly to discuss where we are at and what is the next phase or if there are any issues.

“We are a family run business and I believe that the customer likes the personal touch, which we have always focused on down through the years.”

Goleen Developments can offer a turnkey service when it comes to building a new home. This is one of the biggest experiences in anyone’s life, but it can also be one of the most stressful.

However, when you have the experienced team at Goleen, they can turn a green field site into the home of your dreams.

“We have an extensive range of plant at our disposal, so we can do everything from groundworks to handing over the keys. This gives the client the peace of mind that they don’t need to be chasing different tradesmen all the time as we look after everything for them.

“All our work is carried out under personal supervision. All our staff are qualified in their trade and up to date on all building materials and building regulations.”

Of course, Health and Safety is paramount in Goleen Developments Ltd and Diarmuid stressed that nothing is left to chance when it comes to their employees’ safety.

“All staff are up to date on health and safety and carryout training on a regular basis. Health and Safety is a priority for the company, and we have a safety officer employed who draws up a plan for each site and keeps all records up to date.”

All new houses are covered by Home-bond. The company is CIF and Home-bond registered and is also on the register for the Home Improvement Scheme.

The future looks good for Goleen Developments as they grow from strength to strength creating more employment as they take on more projects in Cork City, West Cork and South Kerry. As most of their work comes from recommendations from previous clients, quality and reliability is their number one priority.

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, July, Vol 7 No 7