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19 Oct , 2016  

LG Glass & Glazing Ltd is a specialist glass company engaged in the manufacture of processed value add glass products. From its Castlebar base, the family-run business supplies a wide variety of glass products for both interior and exterior applications to both the Irish and UK markets.

While LG Glass & Glazing has only been trading since 2011, its founders Mark and Martin Lawless have been in the business for much longer thanks to their father Martin Snr, who ran his own glass processing company for over 30 years. Starting out with seven staff at the height of the recession, the brothers have expanded their company over the last five years and currently employ 17. Their highly-skilled teams can carry out any type of glass or glazing installations and will offer specialist advice in the design and fabrication to suit any customer application.

“The construction industry was on its knees when we set up this business, but one of the things that stood to us was the fact that the Lawless name was already well-known within the glass industry,” recalls Martin who, at 34, is two years younger than Mark.

“We have gradually built up the company by offering a top-class and value-for-money product and service. We can supply and fit out any type of glass, from shower screens and decorative glass to acoustic glass and fire glass, at a competitive price. We have teams of fitters on the road full-time who are backed up by floor and office staff at our Castlebar facility.

“Business is going well at the moment and we have a strong customer-base which includes leading building contractors such as JJ Rhatigan, BAM and Purcell Construction to name but a few.”

Among the high end products supplied by LG Glass & Glazing are toughened glass, bent / curved toughened glass, fire glass, laminating as well as architectural glass for industrial, commercial and domestic market segments throughout Ireland and the UK. The company has diversified its product range into specialised glass products. Value add glass processing is mainly for the architectural, industrial, commercial, home improvements, safety, auto and furniture markets.

The diverse nature of the processed glass side of the business has been developed from identifying growth areas in this industry and sensible investments in a suite of plant and equipment that is enabling the company to reach its potential. The growth in processed toughened glass in Ireland and the UK as well as trends in bent, curved toughened niche and specialist environmental glass products is where LG Glass & Glazing intends to concentrate in both the domestic and exports markets.

LG Glass & Glazing is proud to be a licensed distributor of AntiFire proprietary patented fire-rated construction glass for the UK and Ireland. This unique product is supplied through a distribution network across Ireland, the UK and continental Europe. AntiFire can be used in applications internally and externally, where building regulations stipulate a specific level of fire resistance and where natural light and clear visibility are required such as in hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping centres, industrial buildings, warehouses and laboratories.

In addition to the AntiFire range, LG Glass & Glazing can supply a range of other fire-rated glass and glazing products, namely Glaverble, CGI and Pilkington. It can design, supply and fit your fire safe glass solutions, including fire-rated glass doors and frameless fire-rated glass doors.

“We can design and make the AntiFire range to any specification in Castlebar. AntiFire provided training to our staff on how to make their products on us becoming agents for them. We also manufacture double-glazing and other types of glass in-house,” Martin explains.

The full lists of products and services provided by LG Glass & Glazing are: fire glass; flat toughened glass; curved toughened glass; glass balustrades and stairs; glass shower units; canopies; floor glass; frameless glass shop fronts; sliding wall / door systems; bulletproof glass; laminated glass; coloured glass; doubled glazed units; mirrors; bevelling; crystal cutting; resin stained glass; leaded bevels; decorative internal doors; obscure glass options; sandblasting; glazing services.

LG Glass & Glazing provides toughened glass with a Class A impact performance to BS 6206. In general, its toughened glass is up to five times as strong as normal annealed glass. It can withstand extreme heat and cold, and offers greatly increased resistance to sudden temperature changes compared to normal annealed glasses. If it is broken, toughened glass disintegrates into small, relatively harmless pieces which are neither large enough or sharp enough to cause serious injury. It is available in versions of most of the range of basic glass products, from 4mm to 19mm float glass.

The company also offers an extensive range of unique glass balustrade design options that are specifically engineered to fit your individuals needs and can be created in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and types. They are extremely versatile and suitable for commercial or residential properties, and their elegance is suited to contemporary or traditional tastes. They can create an illusion of unlimited space with frameless systems giving a seemingly floating staircase appearance, without interruption to its design. The three different glass balustrade options available are: post and rail system; bolted system; clamped system.

LG Glass & Glazing also works with a number of stainless steel and mild steel fabricators and has the facilities to offer its customers a complete solution to any glass or balustrade design.

The Mayo-based concern has carried out a number of high-profile contracts in recent months. These include the installation of frameless glass balustrades at Dublin Airport and NUIG in Galway, and the fitting out of curved screens in the iconic GPO on Dublin’s O’Connell Street and antique mirrors at Ashford Castle in Cong, Co. Mayo. The company has also recently fitted out fire glass, frameless balustrades and countertops at Castlebar and Westport Credit Unions.

LG Glass & Glazing Ltd
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Taken from Building Ireland magazine, July 2016, Vol 2, No 3

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