Leading Behavioural Science Expert Will Make First Speaking Appearance at National Construction Summit

4 Apr , 2018  

Bob Cummins is a leading practitioner in behavioural science, specialising in health and safety within the construction industry and on 2nd May, he will make his first speaker appearance in Ireland at the National Construction Summit on ‘How Behavioural Science is Helping to Build the New Children’s Hospital Safely’.

Also an author and founder and director of Edinburgh-based Sodak Limited, Bob and his team uses behavioural science to help construction companies greatly improve health and safety, business performance, leadership, identify and realise significant cost savings and make positive change more likely within their client’s company.  In Ireland, Sodak currently works with companies like The Carey Group and BAM Ireland.

Bob Cummins, founder and director of Sodak said: “I’m really looking forward to this great opportunity to engage with Ireland’s construction industry and create a thought provoking talk on how behavioural science can make construction projects like the new children’s hospital, safer.

“We’re currently working with BAM Ireland on this project and together, we’re helping to improve the workers’ health & safety and wellbeing through behavioural science.  I’ll be covering how we’re achieving this, the challenges and benefits to the workers, the project and our client.

“The way we think about construction health and safety is fundamentally flawed and we need to change this.  Behavioural science can greatly assist in making this transition and increasing numbers of construction companies are becoming aware of the huge benefits this scientifically proven discipline can offer.”