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29 Nov , 2019  

A fully-registered Heritage Contractor, P Mac is firmly established as the commercial and residential specialist stone cleaning and restoration company of choice, as evidenced by their impressive client list.

Established by Managing Director Peter MacNamara in 1999, the Dublin 12 based contractor started off as a specialist stone floor restoration company, working mainly on marble floors.

As the business evolved, they extended their services to include the cleaning and restoration of all types of stone and concrete.

Today, most of P Mac’s work is repeat business from a galaxy of main contractors, local authorities, architects, the OPW, businesses and corporations.

The range of services has expanded significantly over the years to comprise: stone, brick and masonry cleaning, restoration and conservation, concrete polishing, microtopping, graffiti & gum removal, slip-resistant floor coating, public area cleaning and marble and stone floor cleaning, polishing and restoration.

Working at all times to the very highest standards pertaining to industry, P Mac possesses the knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver the best-possible results on every project. The 35-strong P Mac team boasts unrivalled experience in maintenance, protection and preservation, consistently achieving outstanding results on projects across the capital and beyond, from Dublin Zoo to Dún Laoghaire Shopping Centre, O’Connell Bridge to Christchurch Cathedral.

Old or new, PMAC increase the value of buildings and infrastructure by restoring them to pristine condition. Whether stone or concrete, PMAC bring out the beauty and value in your property by enhancing their appearance and improving their functionality and safety. Their investment in innovative products and techniques means they are uniquely positioned to bring you exceptional value, achieving results that others simply cannot achieve.

Specialising in cleaning and restoration, as well as concrete, marble and stone floor polishing, P Mac is Ireland’s foremost stone and masonry cleaning expert. Building Ireland met Marketing Manager Tracy Cassidy to find out more about this innovative, market-leading operation, which has been going from strength to strength over the last two decades and counting.

The range of services has expanded significantly over the years to comprise: concrete polishing; microtopping; stone facade cleaning; granite restoration & cleaning; brick cleaning and repairs; graffiti & gum removal; slip-resistant floor coating; public area cleaning; marble and stone floor cleaning, polishing and restoration; grout cleaning, sealing and replacement.

The 35-strong P Mac team boasts unrivalled experience in maintenance, protection and preservation, consistently achieving outstanding results on projects across the capital and beyond, from Dublin Zoo to Dún Laoghaire Shopping Centre, Silicon Docks to Christchurch Cathedral. Working at all times to the very highest standards, P Mac possesses the knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver the best-possible results on every project.

Continuously investing in training and researching innovative products and tools, P Mac has developed its own methods and processes and is now the leading specialist in its field, entrusted by partners like Sisk, Walls, Flynns, Mac Interiors, Townlink, Dublin City Council, PayPal, Facebook, the HSE, Guinness, Irish Rail, Tesco and many, many more.

As a registered Heritage Contractor, P Mac adheres to a code of ethics that promotes preventive conservation and the notion of minimum intervention when working on historic buildings or other built heritage. Certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards, they have a reputation in the industry for being problem solvers, and are often brought in when other contractors have failed.

“Our main activities are specialist stone cleaning and restoration, concrete polishing, micro-topping on floors, anti-slip coating for commercial floors, and sealing and coating for different types of flooring,” confirms Tracy Cassidy, Marketing Manager. The business has grown and diversified into related areas over the past 20 years. “For example, concrete polishing, which is now extremely popular, is based around the same concept and uses the same machine as floor restoration, except the disc changes.”

Concrete polishing provides a stunning architectural floor with a lifespan as long as the building itself, creating a very flat and smooth surface, which is aesthetically beautiful and eco-friendly. Polished concrete flooring is used in a variety of different settings and is typically chosen for its decorative qualities, low maintenance requirements and durability. Despite the smooth look of polished concrete, it is no more slippery than other types of flooring. It is also virtually maintenance-free. It can be swept, vacuumed, or mopped clean and won’t require more intensive intervention.

Our Microtopping services are becoming increasingly sought after and adds a wonderful contemporary and durable look to any building. We have carried out a lot of exciting projects recently with Flynn Management applying Microtopping to walls, floors and ceilings to many of Dublin’s new office fit outs.

“We do a lot of Heritage work – restoration and conservation,” Tracy continues. “We can carry out lime repointing, mortar repairs and brick repairs.” To this end, P Mac have a team of highly-skilled craftsmen, who can restore intricate, decorative brick and stonework to its original state. They can carry out mortar repairs to make surfaces safe, while preserving their heritage, and will also provide spot pointing and repairs where required.

As a registered Heritage Contractor, P Mac combines the best of traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques and materials to achieve an excellent finish, as well as the best possible protection for the future. Brick facades can be cleaned and restored to the client’s approval and budget, with full site trials carried out to determine the dwell time and number of applications required to meet the desired cleaning level.

“One of the first Heritage jobs we did was restoring the floors at Christchurch Cathedral. We also did Rathfarnham Castle for the OPW and recently polished the poured new concrete floors in Carlingford Castle.

“The work we do now is so varied. As well as floors, you have stone and brick wall and façade restorations. We also clean new buildings in the city centre. For example, we’ve just finished 1 Grand Canal Square on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay,” Tracy continues.

“We also hold the contract with Dublin City Council for graffiti removal and gum removal. For that, we have crews out in the city every night and we clean O’Connell Street, Grafton Street and Henry Street every eight weeks. We’ve also recently carried out gum removal work for Galway City Council for the first time.”

Another beautiful job completed recently was the restoration of the entire front façade [mosaic tiles] at Bewley’s on Grafton Street, including rebuilding some new tiles to blend in with the old. The craftsmen at P Mac are highly skilled in brick restoration.

“They are headed up by Ger Edwards, who joined us one year ago and has overseen a major growth in that aspect of the business. Since Ger was added to the team, the brick and restoration work has really taken off. We also have two great men here from Poland, who are absolutely fantastic at restoring old masonry structures.

“Peter [MacNamara] served his time in the UK and France and he dedicates a lot of energy to having our highly-skilled and motivated workforce trained and upskilled.

“Concrete polishing has also taken off in a big way and we provide that service on commercial buildings for all the main contractors. Polished concrete floors are environmentally friendly and last a lot longer than tiles or wooden floors.”

Renowned across the construction industry as a premium service provider, P Mac offers clients professional services and the peace of mind that goes hand in hand with that. “When people who don’t know what they are doing try to work on stone, they will do more harm than good. We often get called in after somebody else has damaged the stone. You simply need to know what you’re doing when you work with stone. You have to know how to treat it and how to look after it in order to get the best results.

“We are constantly on the look-out for new services we can provide and new methods and techniques of providing existing services,” Tracy concludes. “Our goal is to find the best way of solving problems for our clients. This means seeking out different ways of polishing floors and looking at the US and European markets to see what they are developing in terms of new sealants and coatings.

“We are No.1 now and we want to retain that status.”

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