Extra 112,000 workers needed in construction industry by 2020

15 Dec , 2016  

A report commissioned by the CIF, (Demand for Skills in Construction to 2020) and carried out by DKM economic consultants, states that construction activity can sustain an additional 112,000 jobs up to 2020 with an estimated €17.8billion worth of projects in the pipeline in 2017.

The report identified the demand for the different professions and trades within the construction industry for the next three years. It found that the Irish industry will require up to 2020 in the region of:

  • 15,200 electricians
  • 7,800 bricklayers
  • 11,800 plumbers
  • 30,800 carpenters and joiners
  • 13,900 plasters/Floor and tilers
  • 9,400 painters and decorators
  • 9,600 managers
  • 18,100 operatives
  • 27,600 general labourers

“The construction industry is growing strongly across all our sectors and trades. We are asking Irish people with construction experience who have left Ireland to consider returning to take up a role in construction. There is sufficient work in the pipeline to require about another 112,000 jobs up to 2020 and beyond,” said Director General of the CIF, Tom Parlon.

For example, Construction Information Services estimate over €17.8b in the construction pipeline from planning submitted to projects being completed (and every stage in-between) as we enter 2017. In addition, the Government’s will likely expand the €43billion Capital Programme in 2017, the Rebuilding Ireland Strategy envisages an annual output of 25,000 houses per year by 2020 and the demand for specialist buildings related to FDI is increasing. So, there is a strong basis for people to build strong careers in construction here in Ireland.

The potential prize for the industry delivering on these strategies is huge in terms of economic growth, jobs, and recovery in the regions. With a forecast of 9% annual growth on average the construction sector will be a €20 billion sustainable industry by 2020.

The CIF is attempting to ensure there are sufficient skilled employees by engaging in several initiatives. We’re working with the Education and Training Boards (ETBs) to upskill those on the live register with construction experience. We’re attracting young people into the industry by highlighting the modern globalised careers available. Finally, we’re trying to get the positive news about the industry and Ireland in general to those in the diaspora to attract them back. will highlight the jobs available in our member companies and allow potential candidates to engage directly with Ireland’s leading construction companies.”