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28 Sep , 2022  

Operating out of Donabate, Co Dublin, AinScaff Scaffolding leads the way in offering its clients complete scaffolding solutions throughout the whole of Ireland. Building Ireland touched base with Managing Director Simon Ainscough jnr to find out all about the projects the company has on-going at the moment and its success at the 2022 Irish Construction Excellence Awards.

These are busy times for AinScaff Scaffolding in Turvey Avenue, Donabate, Co Dublin and the plan for company owner and founder Simon Ainscough is to try and keep things that way right through to 2023.

Operating with up on 70 staff, the company has seen an exceptional rise ever since its establishment in 2011 and the hope is to continuing growing, according to Simon.

AinScaff Scaffolding amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience during the process and construction of high-quality scaffolding throughout Ireland and the good work continues.

Building Ireland spoke with Simon recently to hear about the projects his business has going on right now along with his hopes to expand the business further.

“We’d have up to 70 lads working with us said Simon.

“Right now, business is fairly strong. Covid has caused a boom in the construction industry and a lot of the projects that we’re working on would be specialised projects.

“During the Covid lockdowns we never really stopped because the work that we had was deemed essential, so all in all the last year or so has been very busy for us and we’re still busy as it stands.”

The company stocks a wide range of scaffold systems for each and every project and has made substantial investment in the Layher scaffold system.

It supplies and delivers scaffold required for scaffolding any project, from DIY/self-build, re-roofing, pharmaceutical, industrial and trade contracts.

Since ‘Day One’, the focus at AinScaff Scaffolding has been 100% on scaffolding and the business has no competing agendas or distractions, only using fully trained direct employees for its projects.

Many of those projects down through the years have been situated in and around Dublin and, right now, the company is immersed in numerous jobs all over the capital. 

“We’re constantly looking to expand here and we can do anything in Ireland to so with specialised work.”

Indeed, AinScaff Scaffolding works with its clients to ensure that they are offered the best all-encompassing solution for their project’s needs. 

The company has worked with a wide variety of clients on different private and public sector projects around the country.

Dublin City Council, Monami Construction and John Paul Construction are just some of the high-profile names which AinScaff Scaffolding has worked alongside and delivered projects for over the past 11 years.

So, all of that considered, the burning question is what has been the secret to success for the company over the past decade or so?

How has a small start-up grown into a major player in the Irish scaffolding scene to point where it now has some 70 staff on its books and high-profile projects littered throughout the capital.

For Simon, it comes down to the ability to deliver for clients which has led to his company to now holding an excellent track record for carrying out its work to a tee each and every time.

“We can offer a bespoke solution to any problem,” he stated plainly. “I’m a third-generation scaffolder and when it comes to bespoke work, we can provide it for the client.

“Whether it be apartment blocks, commercial work, whatever… we can do it and do an excellent job at that. The Layher product gives us a solution to any problem that the client has and it’s part of the reason why we made the substantial investment into it.

“So, it’s that and the fact that it’s a family-run business that, at this stage, is well known for its experience in the scaffolding industry. My father’s still involved here and there’s a couple more family members working with us between uncles and cousins as well.”

Earlier this year, AinScaff Scaffolding was named as a finalist at the 2022 Irish Construction Excellence Awards in the ‘Specialist Contract Over €1m’ category.

The nomination recognised the company’s excellent work on St Patrick’s Cathedral, where they made some history along the way in carrying out the project at Patrick Street, Dublin 8.

When the annual awards took place on May 14th at the Convention Centre in Dublin, AinScaff Scaffolding were announced as the winners of the Award.

“The project was for Clancy Construction and it was carried out in three phases,” Simon explained.

“In fact, it was the biggest free-standing roof ever to be erected in Ireland and that was Phase 2 of the project.

“It was all bespoke and there was no timber involved on the project. It had to be 100 per cent fire proof and we did it based on that.

“It would’ve started for us in August 2019 and it was completed in June 2021, so we were just under two years on the project.”

Looking towards the months ahead for his company, Simon is as keen as ever on further expansion for the business as the projects seemingly continue to come thick and fast for AinScaff Scaffolding.

Going on the past decade, it’s hard to see anything but continued growth for this Dublin-based thriving venture.

“Right now, we’re expanding at a rapid rate and it’s fairly full on. To be honest about it, manpower seems to be the biggest problem because we don’t have the same problem as others with regards to materials.

“With the Layher scaffold system, we don’t use timber so we’re not battling with it’s high cost at the moment,” he concluded.

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, September 2022, Vol 8 No 9