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9 Apr , 2018  

There are many ‘pet hates’ for tradesmen to address on a regular basis, but one that would be right up their in their top five is their supplier not having the parts they need, when needed most.

Time is of the essence in the building sector and any tradesmen will tell you that having a reliable supplier is essential in order for them to deliver the level of service expected by their client.

However, the plumbers based in or around Dublin need not worry as plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists Thermoparts Ltd are sure to have every part that you need.

In fact, Thermoparts Ltd pride themselves on being the merchants that have it all from a tap washer right up to industrial boilers. Located on the Nangor Road, Clondalkin, their location is ideal for the whole of Dublin and surrounding counties. The business has outgrown its current location in the Riverview Business Park and have moved part of the business to a unit adjacent to the one that they are currently in.

Thermoparts Ltd offer their services to both the trade and public sectors with each department catering specifically for their customers needs.

“If you’re looking for a service that’s second to none and an extensive range of products to suit all price ranges, there’s no better supplier in Dublin than us. Our experienced team are ready and waiting to help you find the best heating and plumbing supplies for your needs,” said company managing director Glenn Clabby.

Amazingly, Glenn established the business in the middle of a recession at a time when the construction industry was practically on its knees. So why go into this line of work at such a time?

“I worked with a builder providers for 13 years and I always wanted to have my own business and I basically took a chance in 2011. In fairness, I did a lot of research before I started out on my own and initially the aim was to specialise in heating parts, but that soon changed to cover everything in the industry.

“From just a man in a van going around to the suppliers, the business has grown in conjunction with the building trade in Dublin. In saying that we would have customers all over the country and we deliver nationwide.

“Our customer base has grown considerably over the years and to cater for all, there is an experienced group of employees here who are very knowledgable in what they do. David had over ten years experience in the sector before coming here, Alan was with a company in the trade for 13 years before he joined us, so any customer that comes into us is guaranteed to be dealing with someone that knows exactly what they want.”

It’s that personal touch that sets Thermoparts apart from their competitors and Glenn revealed that they pride themselves on stocking every part possible.

“If its being used or has been used in the plumbing and heating industry then we are sure to have it. We have guys coming in here asking for the most obscure parts and more often than not we will have it, which does shock our customers at times.

“Our range includes gas and oil boilers, radiators, heating accessories, brackets, chrome, copper, instantor fitting, microbore, PVC waste and qualpex. Located in Riverview Business Park, Clondalkin, we’re a short drive from Tallaght, Swords, Finglas, Blanchardstown and easily accessible from the commuter belt and beyond.”

Deliveries are free of charge and if an order comes in before 12pm, delivery will be made before 12pm the next day. If it’s after 12pm, it’ll be after 12pm the next day but, according to Glenn, the customer will generally receive their delivery more often than not on the same day that they place the order.

“Guys often ring us and say they need something delivered in an hour, so there’s a lot of that as well. At 4.30pm every day we put all the deliveries on the board downstairs in order of the times they’re to be delivered. Our driver can’t deviate from that list and must deliver in that order. That gives certainty to our customers.

“We have simple systems in place. Our tracking system is not complicated and all orders are checked by a couple of people to make sure they are correct. Orders being complete are a big thing for us.

“We have built a reputation that if anyone has it, Thermoparts have it and even though some of the products can be difficult to source, the customer doesn’t need to be burdened with that and we will get it.”

Punctuality is a key component of the success of the business also as Glenn stressed that the staff are always on time and are interested in their work.

“It is more of a passion than a job to the guys that work here and I would be the same myself. We all work well together and are not afraid to chip in other areas when needed. We are open from 7.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and a half day on Saturday.

“The customer base continues to grow, while we would have a massive repeat customer base. This line of work is a trade and should be recognised as such. I’m involved with the Irish Hardware Association and we’re keen to see more youngster being encouraged to come into the industry.”

Contact Details:

Thermoparts Ltd,

B5 Riverview Business Park,

Nangor Road, Clondalkin,

Dublin 12

T: (RoI) 01456 9930 or (NI) 00353 01456 9930


Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, December 2017, Vol 3 No 11