Digital Construction Technologies & Collen radicalise Construction Site Technology

5 Feb , 2020  

Leading global virtual design and construction consultants, Digital Construction Technologies have established a reputation for delivering some of the world’s leading Building Information Modelling projects which span the entire project life cycle.

DCT were engaged to develop the Collen Construction concept of the “Digital Cube”, a collaborative workspace in the field. Collen invested in the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software to develop the latest on-site technology.  DCT worked in a pivotal digital technology advisory role in close collaboration with Collen to bring the initiative to life.

The cube integrates the required hardware, software and processes to enable the collaborative space embedded onsite allowing the amalgamation of both the power of BIM project delivery with solutions-focused on strategic planning. The “Digital Cube” has empowered Collen to bring both collaborative planning and digital co-ordination to the workface and to the fingertips of their project delivery teams in the field.

Managing Director of Collen Construction, Tommy Drumm adds “Working with DCT to develop this digital cube has both improved workflow and project delivery time along with reducing costs all within a collaborative and functional space. We are delighted with the development and will be rolling this out across multiple projects over the coming months”.

Digital Construction Technologies, digital solutions for construction projects enhance the design, collaboration and communication process of a projects whilst improving the strategic decision-making process, and developing the client’s digital capabilities. With strategic locations around the world DCT Group are looking to implement the digital cube on projects around the world to speed up project efficiency and reduce the risk of on-site challenges.

“The Digital Cube is just one of the new innovative solutions being further explored in 2020. It is a huge technological advancement and the centre point of a project’s efficiency and operations in the field and we were delighted to work with Collen to develop this. We have a very exciting year ahead with a host of new digital developments and training opportunities coming on stream”, comments Joseph Mady, Manging Director of DCT Group.

With the growth of the construction industry in Ireland, DCT are looking to expand their operations with new facilities opening across the UK to satisfy the demand for digital construction technologies in the UK construction sector.  A fruitful 2020 lies ahead for the young, dynamic organisation.