Delivering the end product with a top class finish

13 Mar , 2020  

Based in Dundalk, Co Louth, Newlough Joinery Ireland Ltd has grown to become a leader in joinery installation throughout the Leinster region. Building Ireland learned more about the company’s development, along with some of the projects it’s currently involved in, from co-director PJ McNally.

Business is brisk right now for Newlough Joinery Ireland Ltd and company directors Frank Rock and PJ McNally intend to keep things that way as their company nears closer and closer to a quarter of a century old.

Operating out of Dundalk, the firm is presently immersed in projects all around Dublin and outside of the capital’s borders as it continues to grow year on year.

Newlough Joinery Ireland became a limited company in 2005 but its origins delve further back than that, with both Frank and PJ having gone to school together before eventually taking the decision to go out on their own with a joinery installation venture in the mid-1990s. The rest, as they say is history, and today Newlough Joinery Ireland Ltd carries out work for some of the biggest name construction clients in the country.

PJ McNally himself was good enough to take time from what is a hectic schedule nowadays to tell Building Ireland all about the business.

“We’re based at 20 Park Street, Dundalk, Co Louth and the company itself has been established since 1996,” he outlined. “Right now we are operating with 40 staff and the two directors are myself and Frank Rock. Since 1996, we’d have started off contracting in and around Dublin, doing small housing developments.

“Now we’re now involved with some of the main base clients in the country, like Collen, PJ Hegarty and JJ Rhatigan, so you could say that the company has grown year on year.”

It certainly seems to be the case, with the company having grown its staff numbers from single digits up to 40 over the past decade or so and earning itself a glowing reputation along the way. That reputation has been built off the back of thorough work and timely delivery on each and every project.

“It has been well going ever since and thankfully companies still continues to come to us for their work.”

Today, Newlough Joinery offers all joinery services, along with a contracting service and specialise in residential and commercial construction. They look after property renovation and alterations and can also carry out shop fit-out and office fit-out projects for clients. Business at the moment for the company is thriving, especially in and around Dublin, according to PJ.

“Business has been good. The whole time through the recession we were never out of business, thankfully,” the co-director stated. “We basically got data hall after data hall and since the talk of Brexit in recent times there have been a lot of English companies coming to Dublin and buying, so Dublin is really going well at the moment.”

With the latest deadline set for October 31, 2019, Brexit remains an unknown quantity for businesses throughout Ireland, but Newlough Joinery have no ill-effects to report from it as of yet. Instead the company owners and its staff are focused on an array of work around the capital for clients – some of which will keep them busy for another 12 months at least.

“We’re doing work for Microsoft out in Grange Castle and out beside the airport for Collen as well,” said PJ. “We’ve apartment complexes at Lansdowne Place for JJ Rhatigan, which is a huge project – we’ve 20 lads on that one at the minute.

“We started on it in February 2018 and we’ll be on it until June 2020 anyway, so we’ve no complaints about that.”

One thing the company have been struggling with in recent times has been finding new members of staff that are up to the challenge. According to PJ, it has got the point where they’re having to turn down new work due to the numbers just not being there to take it on.

“It’s getting harder and harder to recruit the right people,” he said. “At the moment, we are actually having to have to decline work because we’re just maxed out, to be honest.”

The co-director cites Romanian members of the company’s labour workforce as being “key” to Newlough Joinery’s continued success.

“They are great,” PJ beamed. “We completed work on student accommodation in UCD a while back and that’s where we basically introduced the Romanian members of our workforce.” S

o what has been the overall secret to success for Newlough Joinery Ireland Ltd? For PJ, it comes down to a handful of qualities which have been delivered consistently down through the years.

“We aim to please and we pull out all the stops to deliver a project both on time and within budget. We can deal with any variation that comes up.

“We always deliver the end product with a top class finish,” he concluded.

Newlough Joinery Ireland Ltd
20 Park Street,
Co Louth
A91 E03T

Tel: 087-2204223

Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, October, Vol 5 No 10