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15 Jan , 2021  

When a building is completed and ready to be handed over, the first thing that the client will see is the paint work and this can leave a lasting impression on their thoughts to the quality of work that has been completed.

A less than quality paint job could be catastrophic for future work, so it is essential that this area is finished to the highest standard possible.

That is why a lot of clients turn to Cork based David Barry Decorators Ltd who for the past eight years have been supplying a top-class service to an ever-increasing customer base.

David took time out of his busy schedule to speak to Building Ireland we soon got a picture as to why his business has grown at such a dramatic rate over the last few years.

“We give everything to every job that we are on. The work is done to the highest quality and we are never late on a job. If we say the work will be done by a certain date, it will be done, regardless of the hours that we have to put in,” said David.

“The emphasis is on the customer all of the time. If there are any issues, we will find a solution quickly and efficiently before getting on with the work.”

David started off in the middle of a recession, which many may feel was not the best of times to start a business in the construction industry, but he took the chance and hasn’t looked back since.

“I was working with a contractor before I decided to go out on my own and I had a few contacts which were a great help to me. From there, the business has grown and from a one-man show, we now have 25 employed and would have another 25 sub-contractors that we can call on when needed.”

David Barry Decorators Ltd carry out the majority of their work in the commercial sector and some of their clients include the biggest names in the construction industry including Hegarty’s, SISK and BAM.

“Our reputation for getting the job done has seen our workload increase over the years. We offer a wide range of services which allows us to tender for more work.”

Apart from your standard painting and decorating, the company offer such services as sand-blasting and fire proofing, which has taken the business down a different route.

“You need to offer a wide range of services and be able to diversify into other areas. I’d always keep my options in this regards, but we are pleased with the workload we have on at the moment, although we are continuously tendering for work.”

Of course, the business wouldn’t be where it is today were it not for a hard working and experienced work force and David stressed that he was particular about who he takes on.

“We are always on the look out for new employees, but we wouldn’t take on anyone just for the sake of it. The work done here is to a very high standard, so we try to go with people that are experienced. I’m fortunate to have good staff, some of have been with me since almost the start and I’ve full confidence in them on any job that we undertake.”

Health & Safety is a major issue within the construction industry these days and this covers painting and decorating also where stringent regulations must be adhered too on every project.

“It goes without saying just how important health and safety is. It is paramount and the safety of our employees are forefront in our minds at all times. There are a number of regulations to follow and we do that no matter what job we are on.”

Some of the more recent projects that the company have been involved in were the Cork Courthouse, Albert Quay, Navigation Square, Dairygold Cheese Factory and Cork University Hospital.

“A high end finish is a priority. We work as a team with all the tradesmen that go before us to ensure we get the best out of any job. It is in all our interests to communicate on a regular basis.”

David is very much hands on in every project that they are involved in, with a direct line of communication to the client being an essential part of the process.

“I will be on-site as much as possible, but if I’m not, the client knows that I am just a phone call away and it is me that they will be dealing with.

“There are generally massive time constraints on the work we do and if a tradesmen before us gets delayed, that puts our schedule back, but we are flexible in that regard and if I have to bring in two crews to work shifts then I will. Like I said earlier, we always get the work done on time, regardless of the situation.”

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, July/August 2020, Vol 6 No 4