Daikin Ireland win 2022 IRI Product Innovation award

28 Sep , 2022  

Daikin Ireland have been awarded the 2022 IRI Institute of Refrigeration Ireland Product Innovation award for their latest VRV, VRV 5 Heat Recovery, their sustainability champion. VRV 5 Heat Recovery is a purpose built solution to support the decarbonisation of commercial buildings.

Daikin Ireland’s vision for VRV 5 Heat Recovery is driven by their commitment to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, through the adoption of R-32 refrigerant. This reduces its CO2 equivalent impact thanks to a lower GWP, lower refrigerant charge and provides higher efficiency compared to R-410A systems.

The completely redesigned BS box features Daikin’s Shirudo Technology. With Shirudo technology your VRV 5 system takes care of any room down to 10 m², without the need for time consuming selections and additional measures to be taken in the field. With all measures factory-integrated, VRV 5 is the most flexible, quick to design and fully compliant to the all the latest product standards.

VRV 5 HR is available in a range of capacities from 22kW to 78kW, and features a complete range of R-32 indoor units, making it the perfect solution for any commercial project.

Do you have a project that would be perfect for VRV 5 Heat recovery? Contact the Daikin Ireland engineering team via [email protected] for dedicated design support or visit for more information