Creating concrete structures of the future

16 Mar , 2018  

Creo Structures are industry specialists providing steel fixing and formwork solutions. Established in August 2015, the family-run business has built an excellent reputation in delivering concrete walls, floors and stairs on time and within budget.

While the company is just two years old, its owners have a wealth of experience in a variety of formworking and concrete works. Brothers Colm and Olan Corcoran have been in the business since the late 1990s when their father Frank established Corcoran Precast Tanks in Fenagh, Co. Carlow. Prior to that, Frank had been involved with his brother Eugene in another company, Carlow Precast, and has over 40 years’ experience in the septic tank and wastewater services sector.

Corcoran Precast Tanks merged with Colm and Olan’s formwork business, C&O Formwork, in 2010 before they became two separate entities again in 2015. C&O Formwork was rebranded Creo Structures Ltd (Creo is the Latin word for ‘create’ or ‘make’). Both companies have continued to go from strength to strength under Colm and Olan’s stewardship, with Creo Structures currently having 40 staff on its books.

Creo Structures has worked with leading construction companies on both private and public builds throughout Ireland, providing formwork solutions for everything from schools, universities, public buildings and nursing homes to hotels, shopping centres, underground carparks and large private dwellings. The Carlow firm offers unrivalled skills, expertise and experience in concrete frame structures and boasts an expanding client list that includes such reputable names as Purcell Construction, Glenman Corporation, McCallion Group, Sammon Builders, Mythen Construction and Clancy Construction. It adheres to all best industry practices and legislation in Health & Safety.

Formwork is the process of providing a temporary structure (shell) to freshly poured concrete, allowing it cure until it can fully support itself and Creo Structures is constantly adapting to industry changes by using Doka formwork systems. Doka is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing formwork technology for use in all fields of the construction sector. With more than 160 sales and logistics facilities in over 70 countries, the Doka Group has a high-performing distribution network which ensures that equipment and technical support are provided swiftly and professionally.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our exemplary Health & Safety record,” Colm Corcoran says.

“We provide a nationwide service and have built up strong relationships with our clients by delivering outstanding results time and time again. We’re a long-established family-run business specialising in formwork, decking, rebar, concrete, mainframe structures and all types of shuttering.”

Creo Structures has worked on several large projects in recent times, including Arklow Library for Purcell Construction, Nenagh General Hospital for Clancy Construction, UCD for Glenman Corporation, Wygram Nursing Home in Wexford for Mythen Construction, IT Carlow Teaching & Learning Centre for Mythen Construction, Lidl in Portmarnock for McCallion Group and Moran Red Cow Hotel extension for BHA Construction / Tom Moran.

“We’ve just finished the Moran Red Cow Hotel extension which has eight floors of in-situ concrete,” Colm explains.

“We carried out all the formwork and shuttering on the UCD project for Glenman and are currently working on two large private residences in Howth and Killiney. We’re fortunate to have a lot of good customers in both the public and private sectors. We’ve worked on a number of school and healthcare projects in the public sector for the Department of Education and the HSE.”

Creo Structures’ sister company, Corcoran Precast Tanks, excels in providing its customer-base with practical and cost-effective solutions for all their wastewater needs.  The company is continually striving to maintain its extremely high standards of customer service and technical innovation.

Corcoran Precast Tanks’ extensive portfolio of projects include nursing homes, local authorities, hotels, schools and sports facilities along with a valued domestic client base. Whether it is peace of mind about your existing system or you’re looking for an entirely new system, you will find the best solution to meet your needs and budget at Corcoran Precast Tanks.

The company manufactures and supplies a wide range of products, including precast tanks, sewage treatment systems, oil interceptors, pump stations, percolation systems and rain water harvesting systems. Its septic tanks consist of two chambers where wastewater enters the first chamber of the tank, allowing solids to settle and scum to float. The settled solids are anaerobically digested, reducing the volume of solids. The liquid component flows through the dividing wall into the second chamber where further settlement takes place. The excess liquid then flows from the outlet to the percolation system where it is distributed to the subsoil.

Corcoran Precast Tanks supply and install Aswaflow treatment systems using experienced staff. The Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) system it insists on is also made up of two chambers within a tank. The first chamber stores the wastewater and also provides primary treatment in the form of settlement of heavy solids. The second chamber houses the treatment equipment made up of two pumps and a mechanical aerator. The treatment of the wastewater is completed in an eight-hour cycle.

Free delivery, on-site installation and short lead and installation times is guaranteed with every product from Corcoran Precast Tanks.

“After the tough years of the recession, both companies are growing at a steady pace. Our staff numbers are nearly back up to what they were before the downturn and we’re looking to the future with renewed optimism,” Colm concludes.

Creo Structures Ltd



Co. Carlow.

Telephone: 059 972 7675

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.creostructures.ie

Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, November 2017, Vol 3 No 10