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16 May , 2018  

McCool Controls and Engineering Ltd is a family-run business specialising in Building Management Systems in Ireland since 1991. The Dublin-based company is also pioneering the delivery of Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions which will revolutionise BMS, Lighting and Data Harvesting Systems in Ireland, according to Eóin McCool.

McCool Controls & Engineering (MC3E) was set-up in 1991 to meet the growing demand for hi-spec controls systems in the construction industry, with its headquarters situated at Docklands Innovation Park in Dublin.

Once established, MC3E fast became the industry leader working on the most prestigious and large-scale projects in the country, whilst successfully completing projects of all sizes and descriptions to the complete satisfaction of contractors, consultants and end users. Projects ranged from Hewlett Packard in Leixlip, to the Blanchardstown Centre in Dublin, Coca Coola Plant in Mayo and the National Maritime College in Cork.

In more recent years the list includes the Central Criminal Courts, Terminal 2 Dublin Airport and the EdgeConnex Datacentre. MC3E also have a vast experience in educational campuses recently completing another 4 Blocks in UCD having worked in major campuses such as DCU, Waterford IT, UCC, NUIG and Sligo IT.

Traditionally a supplier and manufacturer of Building Management Systems and Motor Control Centres which are built inhouse by BMS/MCC specialist technicians, MC3E has continuously expanded its services to meet the needs of customers and evolving nature of building design. This includes a powerful IoT Supervisory Software, Power over Ethernet Lighting Solutions, LED upgrades, Smart Metering, Heat Interface Units, Manifold Valve Systems, and Façade Management Systems.

Eóin McCool is one of four family members involved in the running of the company and took some time to tell Building Ireland what they’re all about.

“We’re established since 1991 and have many long-term staff with us since the 90’s – first and foremost, that’s the key to our success and the foundation for our ambitious innovation based growth strategy,” Eóin outlined. “The entire team is united in dreaming how we can deliver smarter, more efficient and environmentally friendly buildings and striving to achieve them”

“Next up is our nationwide customer base whom we are proud to partner with for many years from contractors to end users and institutions. When we get to work with people with a similar culture it is fantastic, and the end results are superb.

“Choosing the right partner companies and supply chain is also another key factor in our success. Our initial install customer base was built up using conventional BMS product; a real catalyst for change was our partnership with the Swiss/German BMS manufacturer Elesta Building Automation in 2008, allowing us deliver truly advanced solutions in an affordable and robust manner.

“With the innovative product and proactive support from Elesta we could explore new and better ways to deliver BMS and metering solutions using open protocols such as Modbus, BACnet and M-bus protocols. The HTML webserver software allowing remote access for up to 30 concurrent users allowed unprecedented flexibility for our clients. During our recent works for Jones Engineering HQ building they naturally wanted a sleek cutting edge product for their HQ and Elesta fitted the bill perfectly.”

It seems that the benefits from advanced products spurred McCool Controls on for later innovations as Eóin explained: “We could see the gaps and the market. We could see that the industry wasn’t delivering façade management to the optimum – hence we teamed up with WindowMaster to provide specialist Integrated FMS-BMS solutions with prestigious FMS solutions delivered in sites such as Enniskillen hospital, Arups Dublin and Eir Headquarters.”

Similarly, we could see the benefits to contractors in us providing quality EU manufactured mechanical plant items as part of turnkey offerings; for example, providing BMS solutions on large-scale district heating sites with companies like M&P mechanical inspired us to develop a partnership with German Heat Interface Unit Manufacturer Meibes.

Meibes also produce technically advanced Pressure Independent Control Valves with accompanying prefabricated Manifold Valve system for use in commercial developments. Recently completed was Charlemont Place Office Block for Oakmount Developments working with McKeon Bros Mechanical Contractors and OCSC consulting Engineers with over 400 PICV Manifold Valve Systems.

But it’s clear that McCool Controls have not lost any of their ambition or passion for innovation as Eóin enthusiastically explained: ”We have made a big leap in the past 12 months developing a product portfolio for full smart building systems. We recently signed a partnership with Igor Technologies, an American company, to deliver PoE Lighting and sensory systems to Ireland.

“It is going to revolutionise lighting systems in Ireland. Lighting is ubiquitous in buildings and when we utilise this to create a Digital Ceiling the potential for smart Building applications are endless. What’s more it reduces installation costs for contractors also so its benefiting everyone involve with the Building.

“The announcement of the partnership with Igor Inc. was made this past October and is set to deliver Igor’s Power-over-Ethernet Lighting, Control, and Data Harvesting Solution to the Irish intelligent building market.”

But you need further agility to provide full IoT offerings as McCool’s explained: “Advances in Wireless technology means we can now provide long range, low power IoT Sensors for critical applications where it is prohibitively expensive to wire cables. With battery life of 7-10 years and ranges up to 250 metres through walls we can now easily monitor many parameters … fridge temperature monitoring, occupancy, gas detection, power monitoring, critical alarms, vibrations, temperature, humidity, Open/closed status etc. Connect onto a BMS or use a window based or cloud based software. Connect via Wifi, 868 Mhz or a cellular modem if preferred.”

McCools have this broad portfolio of connected devices, and increasingly manufacturers are developing connected devices with accompanying apps but how do Building owners manage all this.

McCool controls are acutely aware of this as Eóin outlined: “Sitting above all our connected devices, or third party devices, we have IoT Webstudio that can knit all these devices and systems together into one User Interface for the client with all items sitting on a converged network.

“The real power comes from the power of the IoT Webstudio as it integrates Building Services Operational Technology (OT) together (with over 250 different Software drivers) but even more significantly it can integrate via API, SQL, DCIM (data centres) or other platforms with Information Technology (IT) Enterprise solutions.

“Bridging the gap between OT and IT allows smart building functionality – now we can use OT infrastructure to provide info to IT systems such as Meeting Room Booking systems, Hotel Booking Systems, Planned Maintenance, Visitor Tracking, Occupancy mapping, Footfall, Analytics or other software packages. And the information flows both ways, so that these systems can feed into the OT operation to ensure they function in the most efficient manner – minimising energy use and maximising occupant comfort.

“We’re revolutionising building control and monitoring in Ireland,” said McCool. “We’ll be launching some new IoT devices soon and expect to double our turnover and staff in the next six months- – Watch this space in 2018!”

MC3E have a dedicated service and maintenance division to meet the needs of clients long after the completion of the project.

The company have long running contracts maintaining schools, colleges, hospitals, hospices, offices, retail, laboratories and pharmaceutical plant. They also specialise in upgrades and are happy to receive enquiries about this, whether it’s a current McCool Maintenance site or not.

Current Major upgrade projects include Dublin Air Traffic Control Centre, Golden Island Shopping centre and K-Leisure Centres.

It seems this company is constantly breaking new ground having launched a new service providing Secure Remote Site support for site BMS anywhere in Ireland Via the Internet. ‘Coolconnect’ can simply provide a back-up service to the BMS maintenance or provide a Bureau service managing and Monitoring your BMS and Energy Usage.

Connection can be via VLAN, Broadband Modem or 4G modem – This means McCool’s can reduce your energy costs and monitor critical plant and equipment virtually anywhere in Ireland.

Eóin adviseed: “We appreciate that security is paramount – so we utilise an extremely secure lock and key Encrypted system; furthermore, there is no requirement for fixed IP addresses or for proprietary remote monitoring operating systems. A massive vote of confidence was securing a contract with the Irish Aviation Authority for secure remote monitoring of Radar Stations throughout the country.”

Customers can be sure that MC3E will continue their innovations as Eóin elucidated: “We globally source only the best products and company’s such as Elesta, Igor and Meibes. We are also a member of the Dosapac Alliance a Pan-continental organisation of BMS and IoT companies dedicated to advancing smart Building & IoT solutions.”

If you are interested in organising a visit from a member of the sales staff at McCool Controls & Engineering Ltd to view their demo panel and software you can contact them by phone or e-mail (see details below). They also offer an Engineers Ireland Accredited CPD course which includes a live example of some of the powerful systems noted in this article.

The mission for the company continues to be first-rate technology, fervent service and family values.

McCool Controls
Address: Unit 12,
Docklands Innovation Park,
East Wall Road,
Dublin 3
T. +353 (0)1 8550542
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Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, January 2018, Vol 4 No 1