Busy times at Halcon Plant Hire

11 Jul , 2019  

Set-up in 2004, Halcon Plant Hire Ltd in Dundalk are renowned experts in ground work, demolition and general plant hire.

Building Ireland learned more from the company’s Managing Director, Philip Halpin.

Business is good right now at Halcon Plant Hire Ltd and the plan for founder and director Philip Halpin is to keep things that way after recently marking the 15th year since establishing his business venture.

Based in Blackrock, Co Louth, the company has earned itself a reputation for excellence and grown its staff numbers up to 20 strong with different projects currently on-going throughout the country.

It was the vision Philip Halpin had when he first set-up his firm a decade-and-a-half ago and now the hope is to continue the growth from his base just outside the town of Dundalk.

Building Ireland heard more from the man himself recently about the origins of his business, the services it provides and the different projects they are currently immersed in at Halcon Plant Hire.

“We’ve 20 staff at the moment and these past few months have been fairly busy alright,” Philip explained at the end of 2018.

“We do ground work, demolition and plant hire mostly and we’ve diggers here that range from one tonne up to 25, so we have everything here that our clients need.”

Two decades ago ground work was not something which Philip was overly familiar with, but today it’s a line of work he’s very much immersed in, having recently been involved in a handful of projects, including Blanchardstown IT and UCD for Purcell Construction, with plenty on-going for Monami Construction as well.

Speaking candidly, the man himself explained that his work prior to starting up Halcon Plant Hire saw him applying a trade that did not have much to do with demolition or grounds work.

“I’m actually a plant fitter by trade but I have been breed into the ground work since 2004,” Philip stated.

“Thankfully, business has gone well over the past few years and we came through the downturn to the point now where we are now quite busy every week.”

A handful of different projects from last year have carried through to 2019, with plenty of work currently on-going in the capital as well.

The hope for Philip and Co is to continue the work their doing and keep on adding to the list of growing clientele.

Monami Construction is a client which the company have been working alongside for many years, with the Galway based firm having grown year on year since being founded by directors Bryan Quille and Brendan Davey in 2010.

Purcell Construction have been another key client for Halcon Plant Hire since 2004 and to date it has been a relationship built on excellent work and trust, according to Philip.

“Business is quite good here at the moment. We’ve been working with Monami and Purcell here since we started basically and even through the recession times we kept with them,” said the Managing Director.

“It’s a relationship which has been built up over the years between us and we’ve worked on many projects together in that time.

“We’re always adding here, whether it is staff members or machinery, and hopefully we’ll be adding again in 2019.”

As it stands, Philip is happy enough with both the people and the equipment that his firm has at its disposal when it comes to the projects that they are currently occupied with.

Halcon Plant Hire’s diggers range from a single tonne up to 25-tonne and their experienced team of staff are experts when it comes to demolition and ground works.

The company has earned an excellent reputation over the past 15 years and the plan now is to keep it going, with plenty of work and challenges ahead for the coming months.

“Any work that we get here is nearly all from clients that come back to us. Repeat business is a big thing for us and a lot of our first time clients hear of us through word of mouth, so we must be doing something right,” Philip concluded.

So if you’re looking for a company with renowned expertise in ground work, demolition and general plant hire, look no further than Halcon Plant Hire in Blackrock, Dundalk, Co Louth.

Halcon Plant Hire Ltd

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Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, March/April, Vol 5 No 3