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27 Nov , 2018  

A division of the Flood Group, Flood Precast are precast concrete specialists who have been meeting the needs of clients in Ireland and the UK for almost 40 years.

In 1979, Flood Precast (or Flood Flooring as it was then known) was established to market precast floor products. Today, Flood Precast designs, manufactures and supplies several types of precast concrete products for the UK and Irish markets. These include Flood Super Wideslab, Hollowcore, Omnia Flooring, Flood Voidslab, Twin Wall and Solid Wall, Stairs, Balconies, Columns and Precast Screedless Floors.

The company’s strength lies in the ability of its skilled team to design a solution tailored to the individual requirements of each project. Flood Precast delivers a high-quality product on time and within budget, with value engineering being central to its approach.

Through continued research and development, Flood Precast is pioneering new ways to construct buildings with precast concrete in the most efficient and economical way so it can add value to its clients who are primarily in the residential, commercial, education, healthcare and hotel / leisure sectors.

“Flood Precast developed from BD Flood which was set up in 1938 to produce aggregates, readymix concrete and concrete blocks for customers in the midlands,” company engineer Ciaran Nulty explains.

“The Flood Group continues to go from strength to strength under the direction of John Flood and the Flood Group management team. We are one of the largest suppliers of precast floor products in Ireland and we also have a growing customer-base in the UK which now accounts for 50 per cent of our business.

“The Flood Group have quarries dotted throughout the (Irish) midlands, but Oldcastle is where most of our 250-strong staff are based. All design and production are carried out here. We have developed a wide range of products, from Super Wideslab Flooring, Hollowcore and Omnia Flooring to Screedless Precast Floors, Precast Beams, Columns, Stairs, Balconies, Precast Walls and Terrace Seating.”

Flood Super Wideslab is a unique precast concrete flooring product from Flood Precast. At 2.4 metres in wide, it is the widest composite prestressed flooring slab available anywhere.

In addition to Wideslab’s high thermal mass, construction speed and shallow profile, this concrete flooring product offers many specific advantages when compared with Omnia concrete flooring and Hollowcore concrete flooring. By harnessing these advantages, contractors and engineers can deliver real value for their clients. Because Widslab is a fast, versatile and economic flooring solution, there are many suitable construction applications.

Hollowcore flooring is an efficient and modern flooring solution that can be implemented within a great many structures. Comprised of precast concrete with lengthwise voids, Hollowcore is the ideal solution for those looking to take advantage of the strength of traditional concrete while simultaneously enjoying a low weight and high load capacity.

The use of precast concrete Hollowcore flooring is a highly cost-effective solution that fits easily into any structural system such as steel or concrete frame, or indeed masonry construction.

An Omnia Flooring Slab is a reinforced precast concrete slab which incorporates a triangular lattice girder that is attached to a lower layer of reinforcement. The lattice girder is manufactured using high-strength steel wire which provides rigidity to the panel and enables it to bind easily with in-situ concrete which is poured later on site.

This lattice girder also provides support for the upper mesh reinforcement and is used as an anchor point when lifting panels into position on site. Each panel is designed and manufactured to your specific shape requirements and structural capacity, making it an extremely versatile building product.

Flood Voidslab is Flood Wideslab with attached EPS void formers that allow the slab to span further and reduces the unit self-weight. This product innovation evolved due to the requirement of customers to achieve greater structural spans whilst reducing the overall building mass and maintaining the benefits of Flood Wideslab.

On steel frame projects with a flat soffit requirement for flexibility of services, the overall slab thickness may be driven by the overall beam thickness which supports the floor planks by the bottom flange. Additional projecting lattice girder is cast into the precast plank, during production, between the polystyrene void formers to anchor the plank to the structural screed and cater for the interface sheer requirements.

Twin Wall is an adaptable wall system that provides the speed and quality of precast concrete with the structural and waterproof reliability of a continuously poured in-situ concrete structure.

Flood Precast offers a range of Precast Stair Flights to suit every requirement. All stair and landing units are designed in-house, manufactured, delivered and installed to the highest standards. Precast stairs can be placed along with precast concrete flooring products, giving immediate safe access to upper floors quickly and efficiently. All precast stair and landing units are designed in accordance with relevant BS and Euro codes.

Flood Precast Balconies are also designed in-house, manufactured, delivered and installed to the highest standards. Because balconies are generally attached at a height, the company ensures that safety is of paramount importance when carrying out the design and installation of these and our other precast concrete elements.

Precast Columns can be circular, square or rectangular and are generally considered for use on in-situ concrete flat slab projects where there’s a high demand on tower crane hook time and tight construction programmes.

Precast Screedless Floors are designed and manufactured as finished precast units that do not require a structural topping or finishing screed on site. The soffit can often be painted directly and the top surface is ready to receive a tile, carpet or laminate wood floor finish.

Flood Precast supplies concrete products to the leading main building contractors on both sides of the Irish Sea, including Sisk, Ballymore, Balfour Beatty Construction, Bellway, McLaren, Morgan Sindall, Cairn Homes, Ardmore, Willmott Dixon, Bam Contractors, Bennett Construction, Barr Construction and Bentley. Its clients also include consulting engineers, steel frame contractors and concrete frame contractors.

It is currently working alongside John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Ltd. providing precast flooring and precast stairs to many of their projects including The Curragh (new grandstand) and Capital Docks in Dublin. In addition, Flood Precast are supplying their precast products to many residential, commercial and educational developments around Ireland including Frascati Shopping Centre in Blackrock which is being redeveloped by Collen Construction, Point Campus Student accommodation for Bennett Construction and Greystones Marina Village for Greystones Devco Ltd. In the UK, Flood Precast are supplying many large scale residential and commercial developments including precast stairs for the new White Hart Lane, home of Tottenham Hotspur FC, and precast concrete screedless floors and stairs to Ballymore Homes’ large residential development on the Leamouth Peninsula in London.

Recently completed projects include the Charlemont Street Regeneration in central Dublin for JJ Rhatigan (precast floors and stairs) and Clancy Quay in Dublin for Glenbeigh Construction (precast balconies, floors and stairs).

Flood Precast would like to take this opportunity to thank its clients for their continued support and looks forward to working alongside them for many more years to come.

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Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, August 2018, Vol 4 No 7