Belfast Met and OHMG deliver BIM training

16 Mar , 2020  

The fruits of the link up with the Belfast Metropolitan College led European digital construction project BIMcert are now beginning to bear for a Northern Ireland  construction leader, Newry headquartered O’Hare & McGovern Ltd.

27 OHMG staff have successfully achieved an OCN Level 3 in digital skills & BIM accredited qualification.  The course was conducted by staff in a blended learning environment to ensure the training was balanced with their work and home life.

This programme was developed as a result of the EU funded H2020 BIMcert project led by Belfast Met. The modular design of the BIMcert courses empower learners to create their own pathways via micro modules, address their own individual skills gaps, as and when required in their workplace therefore providing a more flexible, bespoke and personalised learning solution for the industry.  The training is designed to be flexible, non-linear and tailored to meet individual needs.   The beyond blended methodology enables wider participation in the process, there is no classroom and no delivery model.

The training provides recognition for byte sized pieces of learning and BIMcert is particularly innovative on how it is informed and industry relevant. The byte sized modules last 30-45 minutes with every module bringing a micro accreditations which build to a qualification, The innovative approach utilizes a structured blended accreditation and digital delivery/certification model for vocationally excluded adults with a specific focus on the engagement of those caught in the skills/qualifications void.

The OCN Level 3 award in digital construction course was supported through the Department For Economy Skills Focus Programme. BIMcert is helping transform the construction sector, assisting workers on their digital transformation journey and revolutionizing the entire construction supply chain. Optimizing digital tools in the built environment increases the skills base of the workforce, increases efficiency, optimizes the whole life value of buildings, improves energy performance and importantly reduces the carbon footprint of the entire sector.

OHMG Managing Director Martin Lennon said: “The Belfast Met BIM course was a perfect fit for our team, and is another step on our digital transformation journey.”

The OCN Level 3 course is helping to transform the construction sector, assist workers on their digital transformation journey and revolutionize the entire construction supply chain.

Martin Lennon said the construction industry faced all sorts of challenges.

He added:  “It is vital that our staff is fully skilled in digital tools for construction while delivering the goods on-site. This course was a perfect fit four our team, and is another step on our digital transformation journey.”

Paul McCormack, BIMcert Programme Manager congratulated the OHMG staff for completing the training module.

He said: “Belfast Met and the BIMcert partners have developed a pan European qualification and delivery platform which transforms the European construction industry.  These courses and byte-sized modules help mobilise the skills set of the workforce and open new opportunities, careers, and employability.

“This work has been instrumental in getting the construction industry to move from a position where it was focused on fixing specific problems to a position now where they are creating enterprise capacity, reducing the carbon footprint and delivering sustainable energy-efficient construction.”

The Skills Focus programme provides 75% funding to support SMEs in developing their existing workforce.  To be eligible a company must be based in Northern Ireland, have under 250 employees and want to develop staff at level 2 and above in priority sectors such as advanced manufacturing, engineering, materials handings and construction.