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9 Jan , 2021  

For the past 41 years, Premier Engineering Ltd has been supplying a wide range of top quality services to an ever-increasing customer base.

Described as a multi-functional engineering company, the Tipperary based company have developed an excellent reputation in their Timberframe Division, Civil Engineering works, Demolition Division and Turnkey Developments.

Established by the late Danny O’Keeffe and his wife Margaret back in 1979, this family run business’ ability to diversify into different sectors of the construction industry has stood them in good stead and allowed them to grow to where they are today.

Nine years ago, Danny passed away and the running of the company was left to Margaret and her two sons Adrian and Barry. To their credit, they have carried on Danny’s ethos of ensuring that their work is carried out to the highest standard, thus ensuring customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

“We carry out work in a lot of different sectors and each area that we specialise in has grown over the years,” said Margaret. “During the recession, we were fortunate to be involved in some projects in the UK, which kept us going, but we focus solely on Ireland now.”

To carry out their work to the highest standard, Premier Engineering Ltd possess a highly skilled work force of 40 employees, while they used trusted sub-contractors when necessary.

“Our employees are highly skilled with a lot of them having many years’ service with us. They are the ones that are at the forefront of the business and without them, we wouldn’t have had the success we have had over the years,” stated Margaret.

“Our Company’s success is based on the extensive experience of our highly skilled and educated staff who continuously update their skill sets through accredited training.

“All of the sub-contractors that we use would be with us for years. We know the quality of work that they produce, while they know the high quality we expect from them, so there is a good working relationship there.”

In recent years, Premier Engineering Ltd has been involved in a number of refurbishment projects that has seen them add another string to their bow.

“With the experience that we have, we feel that we can carry out a wide range of projects in different sectors. The refurbishment work is something that we diversified into a few year ago and we are quite busy in that area now.”

Margaret stressed to Building Ireland that no company can stand still in the construction industry and added that it was imperative to be forward thinking.

“You have to be able to diversify and to have trust in your own ability. You never know what is around the corner in this industry, so to be able to work in so many different sectors is a plus. We always work to the deadlines that we are given and once you meet them and come in on budget that the customer will be happy.

“We would have worked with many of the same clients down through the years, which is a good reflection of the work that we do.”

The company MD added that compliance is massive on any project and this is an area that they place a great deal of emphasis on.

“Health and Safety is the biggest issue now and we would have a H&S consultant on every site once a week. H&S is paramount and you have to comply with all regulations and legislation that a client has in place.”

This is why Premier Engineering Limited are registered members of Home Bond, and are fully N.S.A.I audited and compliant. They hold a tax clearance certificate and all the relevant health and safety certificates and all relevant insurances in date.

The company can also dispose of waste and have the necessary documentation to do so. “We also hold a five-year All-Ireland waste environmental permit, thus ensuring each site meets the demands of Environmental Safety and waste removal issues.”

With so much documentation to be looked after, the role of the admin staff has taken on a great significance in recent years with Margaret revealed that they are fortunate to have excellent help in this area.

“Our admin staff play a vital role in the day to day running of the business, from Carol, Kathleen and Mary in Finance to Tom Fahey and Tom Shanahan in the office.”

Premier Engineering Ltd have a number of projects ongoing at the moment as the carry out work for retail giant LIDL on a demolition job on the old Erin Foods site in Thurles where LIDL are due to install a vast new age store to facilitate the town’s needs and provide employment.

“Dublin is extremely busy at the moment, where we work in tandem with ROCCUL, a project management company that facilitates the requirements of one of our most forward thinking clients in the housing sector there. But, there is a huge need for rural housing down the country. We will go where the work is and always have done and we are confident that like everyone else, we can get through the current issues in the country.”

Margaret admitted that the dynamic in the company works very well as everyone brings their own mark to the business. “The lads and I would work well together. I would have the experience, while they are the young blood. It is and always will be a family run business and I’m sure Danny would be proud of what we have achieved.”

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This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, July/August 2020, Vol 6 No 4