A wealth of experience in the heating and plumbing sector

20 Feb , 2018  

Heating and Plumbing experts J&D O’Brien are renowned for their outstanding client service, the quality of their work and their commitment to Health & Safety.

These factors are key to their reputation and their growth down the years has been primarily driven by repeat orders from existing clients, demonstrating their level of confidence in the ability of the Newcastle, County Dublin based company.

J&D O’Brien have over 44 years of experience in the plumbing industry and they deal with both commercial and domestic clients, on all types of heating and plumbing jobs.

They have 23 skilled and motivated employees on their payroll and their registered and qualified tradesmen carry out all work with as little disruption as possible.

They carry out all types of jobs, from small one off jobs like leaking pipes to full installation of geothermal pumps and heating upgrades for entire office blocks.

In addition, they provide a 24 hour emergency service and are always available to take their clients’ call.

The extensive range of services they specialise in includes: plumbing services, heating upgrades, geothermal pumps, ventilation systems, water and heating services, boiler replacements, boiler servicing and underfloor heating.

A Geothermal pump uses heat from the ground, which is then used to heat your home. Geothermal heat is clean and efficient, using natural resources.

J&D O’Brien have installed their systems in some of the largest homes in Ireland, helping to save money on heating bills and helping to become greener. Unlike other forms of heating where you must continuously buy fuel, solid fuel, oil, gas etc., Geothermal heat uses heat from the ground, with no need to purchase fuels. There are no emissions used meaning that you will not be putting CO2 into the air.

This system can provide you with both hot water and heating, and can be used in conjunction with other types of heating. They install the entire system, including pumps and ventilation systems, thermostats and all other parts.

J&D O’Brien service and maintain everything they fit.

“We take particular care to look after customer,” explained John O’Brien who set up the family-run company along with his brother, Declan, back in 1974. “We’ve been dealing with some of our customers for over 40 years.”

It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that J&D O’Brien pride themselves on the quality of their work which is one of the reasons why they work with such high end clients.

Over the years they have built a reputation on honesty, quality work and very reasonable quotes. They also keep up to date with all advances in the industry, so they always stay one step ahead.

As a result, their services are very much in demand at this point in time.

“We’re too busy!” quipped John. “We were bigger back in the Celtic Tiger days but we’ve no interest in going back there.

“We’ve no interest in expanding any further at this point in time but, having said that, my son Neville is coming behind me and he might have other ideas when he takes up the reins.”

As the market continues to rebound from the economic downturn, the signs are promising for everyone involved in the construction sector in this country. John has, however, one gripe that he is keen to get off his chest.

“Technology is moving at a phenomenal rate, keeping fellas up skilled all the time is a challenge plus the fact that the cost of training can be very expensive.

“Everyone has to do it but the whole thing as gone nuts as far as I am concerned. Every thing has to be done over and over again and I don’t know why for the life of me because back in the day once you were qualified that was it.

“Tradesmen are learning on the job all time but bureacracy in this country is gone nuts. They are bringing out more rules and regulations and you spend half your time on paperwork as you do on the jobs. Obviously, we understand the importance of Health & Safety but it has reached ridiculous levels in my opinion.”

Those are sentiments that would be echoed throughout the construction sector but, for now, J&D O’Brien are happy to provide you with quotes for all of their services.

For the larger jobs, they would require a call out so they can assess what needs to be done. They can provide you with a written quote where required.

Give John a call to find out more.

J&D O’Brien Ltd.


Co. Dublin

Phone: (01) 401 8631

Mobile: (087) 252 2771

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.jdobrienheating.com

Taken from Building Ireland Magazine, November 2017, Vol 3 No 10