18 years and counting for Meagher Construction

4 Jan , 2021  

Based in South Tipperary, Meagher Construction Ltd is a family-run business that provides its clients with an excellent service, particularly when it comes to one-off houses. Building Ireland heard more from company co-director Liam Meagher recently.

Times are busy at Meagher Construction Ltd and the plan for brothers Liam and Joe Meagher is to keep things that way right through to 2021.

Established 18 years now, the Tipperary-based company specialises in one-off house projects and has earned a glowing reputation for its work down through the years.

In that time, the Meaghers have also developed a strong customer base all over the Premier County (and outside its borders) with the majority of their business from clients coming through word of mouth.

Liam Meagher took time from a busy schedule to fill Building Ireland in on the details of him and his brother’s business venture.

“We’re based in South Tipperary and the company itself is established 18 years in total,” he explained.

“Right now we have three working here full-time and a team of excellent sub-contractors after that.

“My brother Joe is my business partner here. We’re 50-50 in the company together and his son, Brendan, who is a qualified engineer, works in the company”

Since ‘Day One’, Liam and Joe have endeavored to grow a company which carries out excellent work and has a reputation for its reliability.

“It’s important to keep up to date with the latest building standards and ever evolving technology to deliver the best homes for our customers.

“We feel strongly about using best quality materials, using local subcontractors and sourcing from local suppliers where possible.”

Health & Safety is another key aspect to the business which has built its reputation on new builds and one-off houses.

“We mainly specialise in one-off houses, but we have also worked on schools, churches, retail and commercial premises,” said Liam, who has been involved in construction most of his working life. He worked with Clancy Construction for a number of years before starting the business.

”We mainly complete houses to “builders finish” but can also offer a turnkey service if required.

“The majority of our work here would be local within a 30km radius.”

As of right now, Meagher Construction Ltd has a number of projects in the pipeline for the next 12 months.

That’s a far cry from where Liam and Joe started out with their business developing one off houses for sale

“We came from a farming background but have always been involved in construction.

Having started out in 2003, we had a number of good years until the economic recession hit the Irish construction industry in 2008.

Things were tough but the company survived and would eventually thrive again when the economy began to see an upswing.

Fast-forward a couple of years to the present time and the Meaghers basically couldn’t be busier.

Since Irish construction companies went back to work on May 18th from the government’s lockdown in March, the schedule for Meagher Construction Ltd has been hectic to say the least. 

“We are completing a number of local jobs at present and we have a few more to start now,” said Liam.

“We also have three more new houses to go ahead with, so times are certainly busy.

“The shutdown due to COVID-19 delayed us a bit and we’re finishing off jobs from then. So we have three houses to finish off, an extension to complete and a restoration of an old convent building which we would have been on back in March.”

So what has been the secret to for Meagher Construction Ltd for the best part of two decades now?

According to Liam, quality work, the reliability of our subcontractors and client satisfaction have gone a long way for him and his brother’s company since its inception in 03.

“We have built the company on our reputation of providing a very high quality finish to our work,” he said.

“As many people come to us through word of mouth, they already have an understanding of what they will get with us and that reputation is something which has stood to us over the last 18 years or so. The most important thing to us is exceeding our customers’ expectations.”

As for the months ahead, Liam and Joe are very positive despite some of the uncertainties out there over the economy and Covid.

Next year leaves Meagher Construction Ltd just one away from marking 20 years in business and both directors would be delighted to be as busy then as they are at the present time.

“We are fairly optimistic going forward,” Liam stated.

“We’re pricing a number of one-off houses which would mostly be from within a 30 kilometre radius.

“If the lockdown hadn’t come, we would have been finishedsome of the projects sooner but we can’t complain with the way things are for us at the moment.”

It’s been onwards and upwards for the company since mid-May.

So have things picked up right where they left off in March for Meagher Construction Ltd?

“It’s too soon to know for sure. It could be next year before things are back to normal again,” said Liam.

“We’d be happy enough at the moment. There’s the possibility of a few more projects coming up in the next few months but we’ll be busy into 2021 regardless.

“So we’re happy enough with that.”

Fantastic to hear.

Meagher Construction Ltd
Co Tipperary
Mobile: 087 642 8989
E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.meagherconstruction.ie

facebook: www.fb.com/meagherconstruction

This article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, July/August 2020, Vol 6 No 4